New Good Old Games website tomorrow

New GOG website is launching tomorrow, it was redesigned (not really completely):

  • they’ve added features like GOGMix (which is mixing up games that are rated similarly by GOG users),
  • game suggestions (lets say you’re buying Fallout 1, the store will suggest Fallout 2 and similar games, yay…),
  • they’ve changed their community page,
  • added an easy way to browse through particular game forums,
  • added game genres in the store (action, rpg etc)
  • added Baldur’s Gate to the store (at $9.99)
  • made 150 games compatible with Windows 7
  • announced more RPG classics (probably Planscape Torment and Icewind Dale series)

The new store is launching tomorrow at 1PM GMT (UK timezone).

They’ve also announced that they want to be the number one alternative to Steam.

I will post the whole conference video here in few minutes (the conference was very poorly done at least in my opinion).






11 responses to “New Good Old Games website tomorrow”

  1. mik0 Avatar

    Now it would be funny if all the customers stop buying fron gog for 1-2 month. Just to see what will happen and how funny could be.

  2. Tyler Avatar

    The “pr0n desk sessions”, the “good old desk”, “desk nukem forever” & “desk games request” were my favourites comments. Long live Gog (and the desk if it lasts)

  3. Xan Avatar

    I hope they give a 50% sale for causing me mental pain thinking they would close down :<

  4. partravetett mamusz Avatar
    partravetett mamusz


  5. Pyro Gourmand Avatar
    Pyro Gourmand

    this is the worst, the poorest conference ever made by a “company”

    first there was no filtering, so nearly one thousand people were connected (and spammed the chatbox, almost crashing it)

    second, the PR was made by 2 programmers without any marketing skill

    third, the technical part was a disaster : cheap webcam and microphone, lagging video and chat

    fourth, they spent a ridiculous amount of time on details and useless features (like Facebook or suggestions)

    I won’t continue on, you already get it : GoG is run by “a bunch of guys” with no idea on how to run a serious-business.

    And to me… that fucking rocks ! :D

    That conference really felt like it was a modding team releasing its first public beta, and you have the 2 leads, just leaving or still in highschool (around 18/20 years old) trying to act a little, to convince their audience, and they fail so much, it’s incredible.

    Real nerd/geek, who put all their skill points into “making kickass games” and not a single one in “social”

    If you look at this conference from that point of view, that performance was legendary : everytime was badly done, not a single part of it could be called “professional”.

    If these 2 guys, are the leader of – well I’m not afraid of the future.

    They don’t look like they could pull a “We’ll add DRM but look at our super marketing skill making you believe it’s OK to have that kind of DRM” on us, they are too amateurish to make something really evil

    if they try to go DRM/region-lock/constant online access/etc on us, we’ll spot them from miles away, these monks are too weak to be on the dark side of the Force :p

  6. ryuga81 Avatar

    They’re completely mad!! *slams his fists onto his desk* :D

  7. dacho Avatar

    Cmon, the conference was full of win :D

  8. stranded Avatar

    The desk was pissing me off.

  9. Hamstah Avatar

    Indeed. They beat the shit out of that poor table.

  10. benetti32 Avatar

    I lol’d @ DESK :D

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