Green Man Gaming voucher 20% off

Here’s a brand new GMG 20% off Voucher:


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I run this place! :D

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  1. MaRiOsGR

    ifcourse I have capsule (I’ve bought games from them and installed them with capsule in the past),
    but that is not the problem.
    I did talk with they support, their reply was:

    “If your IP has already purchased this game, then it will not be available for anyone else on the same IP. We understand that this can be quite frustrating but people abused previous give-a-ways and we have had to put this rule in. We do have many discounts and give-a-ways coming soon so please check back regularly to ensure you can grab yourself a bargin.”

    but thats not true.


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  2. MaRiOsGR

    Did anyone got SSV8NC Superstar V8 Next Challenge for free ? (the offer when signing up to xfire)
    I did go the xfire account I did order SSV8NC Superstar V8 Next Challenge for 0€
    but I didnt recieve any order email,
    and when I tried to buy it again I got the error: “you allready bought this free game”
    the proof is here

    Ofcourse the game is nowhere to be found, and I tweeted them and ofcourse they didn’t answer.

    So did anyone else got it ?

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    1. limec

      u must instal capsule from GMG u dont get any key

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  3. Pyrii

    Interesting picture…

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