SteamUnpowered changes 16.09.2010

To prevent more hatred from CD-Key store owners and random users messaging me I’ve just updated Steam Alternatives section once more. This time I’ve removed all detailed description from the CD-Key stores section, additionally the big red warning about ID scans is now positioned at the top of the section.

All CD-Key stores are arranged in alphabetical order now.

You can review the Steam Alternatives page by clicking here.



One more thing, to prevent more stupid questions I’m getting:


1. Is this website/group working with any game selling website or store?

No, it never will be. We are not connected to any store or store owners/employees.

2. Is this website getting money from CD-Key store owners for displaying their store?

No, we do not get any money, goods or whatever for posting links to their site and giving them a discussion forum.

3. Are you living off this website?

No. This website is just a pure hobby. I do not get ANY money for posting news or something. Also we do not have any advertisement on the website, I did try to implement AdBrite ads at one point but I resigned after few days, they were slowing down this website (it’s slow enough now).

4. Is this group/site hating Steam and Valve?

No, I personally loved Valve Software for like 2 years then this whole money making machine changed to greedy money making machine, that’s why this site exists. Besides I hate how Steam looks (the UI is horrible, even the new one), I hate how Steam works (it lags like a mother fucker, try having 120 games installed at once…), I hate the Steam Subscriber Agreement (some points of it) and I hate the behavior of official Steam forum moderators and some Valve employees, but does that really make me a Steam hater?

I have way over 100 games on my account, I buy games on Steam, I buy retail games that support Steamworks and I continue to send feedback to the Steam app makers. I guess I’m somewhere in the middle, I’m just not a satisfied customer that’s why I fucking complain and talk shit.

You don’t have to take it seriously at all.

This site is for fun and it will remain to entertain some people, some will leave, some will be bitching. That’s how Internet works.

This are only a few questions that people randomly ask me.

More changes concerning CD-Key stores on SteamUnpowered coming later this month.

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I run this place! :D

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  1. Dragoon

    @ Kissaki
    I recommend to check out our forums for feedback before buying from any cd-key store. You find customer feedback down in the “Key Stores” section.
    I added a forum link to the Steam Alternatives Page.

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  2. Kissaki

    You’re a constructive complainer.
    That’s the best users.

    Also, sad that the steam alternatives page does not any more have additional information and/or recommendations.

    Still, thanks for your service. :)

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  3. slay

    zuko, start whining and fix the comparison script :)

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  4. Zuko

    stranded nie dawaj się tym sklepikarzom ;]

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  5. OKS_LegenD

    this is a good response to a touchy subject, i will behave in future and not flame or suggest anything etc, everyone just remmeber to stop flaming everywhere cause this is also out of hand here

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  6. gamekeydistrict

    well it is a fun forum and people should enjoy there stay here and lets keep the forums clean and hatred free

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