Steam to allow account name changes in the future?

“For those who are unaware, users that signed up for the Steam service in its early days are forced to login with the email address that they signed up with many years ago.

For a lot of us, that means we’re signing in with an email address that no longer has relevance and is potentially no longer used. While this isn’t the contact email address tied to the account, it can still be quite bothersome.

I contacted the man himself today about the issue (Gabe Newell) and he was kind enough to forward it directly to the man in charge of such a decision/change (John Cook).“

“He is very clear about why this isn’t yet possible and it is strictly due to a technical limitation of the current database implementation and primary keys.

He continues to describe that efforts are being made to migrate away from this limitation and at which point changing usernames will be permitted.

Things to note:

  • There is no date suggesting when this feature will be implemented.
  • It’s not guaranteed to ever happen, for all we know it’s on a "To-do list" with extremely low priority.

With that being said, I’m still extremely pleased that someday I will be able to change my Steam username.”

Source: reddit

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I run this place! :D

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  1. Johnni Sørensen

    oh, that would be fucking awesome! i did a stupid mistake when i created mine… i don’t know why but i just tought that my e-mail would become my account name so i literally gave my account name a now former e-mail name as my account name… so stupid… and i lived with that bullshit for 8 fucking years now! fix it value! or i shall piss off some more of ur teah support team crap <3

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  2. ryuga81

    Member since: October 11, 2004

    And no email, we’re getting closer :P

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  3. Tommy

    @ Faark,

    hah, February ’04 and email as account name :)
    so the change has happened some day in between

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  4. Faark

    aw, nov 2004 here… but no email as account name :p

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  5. stranded

    Back in the days account names were the same thing as e-mails :)

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  6. ryuga81

    They are talking about “early days” of Steam, so probably 2002 beta or so… Most people didn’t sign up on Steam till 2007 when it started offering most 3rd party publisher catalogues.

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  7. m!nus

    Huh? I never logged in with my email address…
    Also, Ryan is talking about an email address while John is talking about account names.. I don’t quite get it.
    But since they went away from using account names for adding friends it’d be a possible step.

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