Steam Summer Camp sale

Long waited summer sale is finally here.


Every day there are new hot deals.

30th June

BAD: Most prices are awfully bad (especially Borderlands – 142% higher than US price! :P)
GOOD: some are good – Redcettear, Bit.Trip


You can buy complete Publisher packs with 64% – 89% discount. Warning! All prices are 1$ = 1€ prices.


You can buy Publishers almost all games with discounts starting with 25% and ending with 90% discount.


But that is not all. You can have some fun!

Every day there is “camp activities” where you can play games and get some achievements. And every completed achievement gives a Prize Ticket. With every 3 ticket you can chose one prize from Prize Booth.

Also 100 lucky ones will get top 10 games from their wishlist. For every Prize Ticket you earn, you will be entered into the Grand Prize Giveaway.


Enjoy and don’t spend too much :)


So tell me, what games will you buy?

Will you take part of camping?

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  1. Elbart

    I’m pretty sure that Valve is still hacking in the prices of packs manually, and so some packs are more expensive than the sum of the individual games.
    They make so much money but the website is so bad. :(

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  2. MrEvilRobot

    For now I only bought Clive Barker’s Jericho for 3,34€ and recieved two tickets from tf2 and facebook.

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  3. Orangensaft

    I look into the list of publishers, showing which publisher’s games are cheaper, and how many % cheaper…

    I’m so happy that all Konami games are -50%

    But wait a minute… THERE ARE NO KONAMI GAMES ON STEAM!

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  4. Phoenix13NL

    I was just about to purcahse TDU2 but spend some time watching youtube videos of it, it was already in my shopping cart, when I checked back, it suddenly was €9,99 instead of €4,99. I don’t know whether I want to buy it right now as the only reason I wanted it in the first place was co-op with some friends.

    Fuck you steam.

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  5. SilentStorm

    lol they just raised TDU2 from 4,99 € to 9,99€ making it 1 $ = 1 €
    luckily I already bought it…

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  6. kangarooster

    Got Borderlands GOTY finally, even though it’s 12,50€ :[ That’s it for today, gonna try and do some of the Ticket stuff (AaAaAA, Toki Tori, BIT.TRIP BEAT) so I can get stuff for KF, Beat Hazard and few more :D Fucking discounts always overlap with me not having money u_u

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  7. Rhonin the wizard

    I already have Toki Tori and AaAaAA!!!, the ones that tempt me are BIT.TRIP BEAT and Lead and Gold.

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