Steam: Price Reduction on Medieval II: Total War Games in Europe

Medieval II: Total War and Medieval II: Total War Kingdoms have had a price reduction in Europe, making them priced fairly for us. Also the packs Medieval II Gold and Total War Mega Pack are no longer listed is the Steam catalog.

Medieval II: Total War

US: $19.99
UK: £9.99 (21% lower)
EU: 9,99€ (26% lower)

Medieval II: Total War Kingdoms

US: $14.99
UK: £4.99 (47% lower)
EU: 9,99€ (2% lower)

Let’s hope that this isn’t just a case of them being late to update the US price.

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  1. netlork

    Lol, if a game is more expensive en eurpe, its pro-american and the “free market” and blahblah equalice money blahblah (excuses), but if one game is more expensive in EEUU is anti-american…. LOL


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  2. MarkAltair

    Amadeus,there are almost 300 games on Steam that are much cheaper in US than in EU..


    eeer.. “c’mon! “

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  3. slay

    that is life :D

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  4. Rhonin the wizard

    Looks like no matter what you do, you can’t please everyone.

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  5. Amadeus

    This is just wrong. Why the hell are they now discriminating the US?? Seriously, they should get their shit together.

    And the EU getting to pay less isn’t fair pricing at all. Fair pricing is when it’s equal, or almost equal, all over the world. I didn’t think this was an anti-american website…

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