Steam: New beta available

New Steam beta showed up today. The beta introduces several fixes and I guess those are worth checking out:

  • Added contact email account verification by request and on new account creation
  • Improved account security with verified contact email to prevent phishing
  • Added mod support for Killing Floor
  • Fixed memory leak


Now you can verify your e-mail address:

And after that you are verified:

Why is this so important? Right now if someone steals your account (or simply logs in from another location) they cannot change your password until they click a verification link on your verified e-mail account.

Pretty nice, right now hijacking is almost impossible. Almost because when some idiots have their Steam password and e-mail password the same (or have a keylogger) their account can still be stolen.

Now Valve needs to think about how to stop getting people VAC banned if the person who logs in from other location (the hijacker) manages to start a Valve (or VAC) game with a cheat.

+1 for Valve.

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I run this place! :D

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  1. Roach

    This should have been in from the start..

    -1 for valve..

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  2. Toaster

    – “now I want custom tabs”

    This. I would like fully customizable tabs. Look at this thread:

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  3. deer

    Finally changes in good direction … now I want custom tabs (preferably MY MODS and MY DEMOS) and/or custom directories in my games list.

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  4. LifeTimeKid

    yeah, thats nice ! *thumbs up*

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