Steam: Day 3 of Holiday Sale

Day Three Holiday Sale

Ghostbusters The Video Game is NOT available in Europe.

Edit: Correction it now is available in Europe. Unfortunately it’s overpriced.


US: $7.49
UK: £6.24 (37% higher)
EU tier 1: 7,49€ (50% higher)
EU tier 2: 5,74€ (15% higher)


US: $9.99
UK: £7.49 (24% higher)
EU: 9,49€ (42% higher)


US: $19.99
UK: £14.99 (24% higher)
EU: 19,99€ (50% higher)


US: $24.99
UK: £14.99 (1% lower)
EU: 18,99€ (14% higher)


US: $33.49
UK: £20.09 (1% lower)
EU: 33,49€ (50% higher)


US: $9.99
UK: £8.49 (40% higher)
EU: 9,99€ (50% higher)


US: $9.99
UK: £4.99 (18% lower)
EU: 7,49€ (12% higher)

Ghostbusters: The Videogame

US: $9.99
UK: £7.49 (24% higher)
EU: 9,99€ (50% higher)

If you really need to get any of those call your friends in US or UK now and get some gifts!



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26 responses to “Steam: Day 3 of Holiday Sale”

  1. Faky Avatar

    Nothing in this Saturday sale that interests me. L4D is a good deal but i already have it (now i will never forgive myself for buying it at full price. LOL 6€ after 1year…)

    So far i only bought GRID (5€ + fair price).

  2. just_do_it_ffs Avatar

    Hope cod4 comes with like 75-90% off, i really wanna buy it :/

  3. Betonář Avatar

    You are right, thx. Downloading now ;-)

  4. Gokburt Avatar

    Ghostbusters is available now.

  5. Rad86N Avatar

    okay.. wtf, so it was available for a few minutes but now it’s not.. that seriously stinks Atari..

  6. Betonář Avatar

    Ghostbuster are no longer available in EU, I just wanted to buy it, damm

  7. Jibece Avatar

    Spaqin> I buy Trine during the solds; but I was lamenting that europe was (one more time) overpriced.

    Gnoupi> Well, so, why they sell this game cheaper in US? I think it was forbidden to sell cheaper in others countries.

    (sorry for my strange English)

  8. Betonář Avatar

    Ghostbusters overprised ? Cmon, it cost less then 1/2 of box version, et least in Czech republic. It even cheaper then best new copy from russia – ebay.

    It all just about your preferences…

  9. benetti32 Avatar

    No 2€ game? :D Skipping this, I already have L4D, other games are overpriced.

  10. Gnoupi Avatar

    Note that for Trine, it’s not “50% higher” for europeans, but 50% lower for USA, as developpers are from Europe, and are paid in euros.

    The “real price” is then the euro price, and they made a 1$=1€ to have a nicer (more fair) price in usa. It’s a case where 1$=1€ is in the good direction.

  11. 0cube Avatar

    even though i already got cod4, i would buy it again so i have 2 cd keys xD (and a legal download method for it)

    indeed, this package fails, altough l4d is kina good (but i alrdy got that one too)

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