Poll Time: Steam Pre-Purchase Rewards

Here’s another Poll Time post. This time we’re asking you about the new Pre-Purchase Rewards option that showed up with Tomb Raider’s pre-purchase offer on Steam. It looks like they took that from Kick Starter (at least I didn’t see any of these promos on large scale before Kick Starter). Here’s the question:

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Are pre-purchase rewards good idea on Steam?

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  1. ricardo

    I voted yes.
    But I’d rather just have a nice discount if i prepurchase, instead of some reward.

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  2. Krekeris

    Its kinda good, but I rather chose lower price rather than bonuses. Unless they worth it. But not a single of those bonuses made me choise steam over amazon.

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  3. ryuga81

    whatever, i don’t care. I rarely pre-purchase, and when i do, i do it on gamesplanet.uk anyway… there’s no bonus that can make me pay €50 instead of €35…

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  4. Zero1

    Well i never Pre-order I’ve learned my lesson, this looks more like what they do with the Humble Bundles the more they sell the more you get.

    What I don’t get is why are the two other % set to 0, surely they should be set at the start, or are they left at 0 so they can look at the speed of sales then adjust them later.

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  5. Jibece

    About the Steam rewards, it’s just another manover for Valve to pick up in our wallet, but I’m ok with that.

    About Windows 8, I’ll won’t talk about the Microsoft policy, just… I really like it. I like the new Start Screen: for me, it’s just a new version of the Start Menu, nothing more. But I’m ok, Microsoft failed for one thing, giving to Modern UI a good environment: no file explorer, bad/not designed app, and those are long to launch…
    Oh, one thing, I use it with a keyboard + mouse, often since my bed on the TV screen, and I like big characters :p

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  6. Faark

    The problem with Win8 is, that it has 2 main goals that were set by some marketing strategists:
    – push the windows store
    – push market share of MS on mobile devices
    And Win8 pushes both of those goals really…. “effective”

    Well, I don’t want my Win with any of those. Without Metro & the Store and i would rly like Win8. And once MS succeed with their store, they soon will be the only serious software store out there… goodbye PC as an open platform :(

    Pre-Order bonus? Well, it’s kind of a combination of Kickstarter’s stretch goals and DLCs. If i would be fine with it as an DLC, I’m also fine with it as a bonus. Haven’t preordered anything in the last time, trough

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  7. Lodan Zark

    I hate pre orders bonus when they offer exclusive content which we cant get it if we dont purchase on pre order like for example extra missions (farcry3,Painkiller HD) or exclusive weapons and itens(borderlands2).
    But i do support pre order bonus when they offer games or discounts i think thats ok.

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  8. stranded

    Well my bad then, I only noticed it just now.

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  9. Vercinger

    This isn’t actually all that new. I believe it was first seen a few months ago, with the new X-Com’s pre-order. Then it was used on the Company of Heroes 2 pre-order (which is still running) and for the new Painkiller game. That’s by no means a definitive list though, I rarely pay attention to pre-orders.

    And as for my opinion, I have no idea. Pre-orders need to die as quickly as possible, and I don’t know whether this system will help or hinder progress towards that goal.

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  10. Dragoon

    Nice idea but Steam Spring Sale, Summer Sale, Halloween Sale, Black Friday sale, Christmas Sale, Midweek Sale, Weekend Sale and Daily Deals taught me no game is worth more than 20$, and then only if it includes every DLC’s ever released.

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