Poll Time: Should Valve release it’s own OS based on Linux in the future?

Here we go with another poll, this time it’s all about Linux.

Should Valve release it's own OS based on Linux in the future?

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  1. MxxCon

    I don’t want them to release their own Linux distro, that would needlessly fragment Linux ecosystem yet again. And it is an unnecessary overkill.
    What they should do is release Steam similarly to the way Google releases Chrome on Linux. They provide you a single universal binary file which then automatically figures out your distro type (debian/ubuntu/redhat/suse/etc) and makes necessary system changes to cleanly integrate into that distro’s package/software management system.

    Or better yet, open source Steam and allow each distro package it themselves.

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  2. d4rk

    Panie kolego, masz Pan babola. :) Nie “it’s own”, tylko “its own”.

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  3. masterslay

    I have no idea, all this things is just too confusing, If only there is existing just one perfect OS with no other intention than being perfect, disregarding money, which can take the best of features of all OS in the world, disregarding rivalry beween them. Can run every single program without problem disregarding of legacy or way being coded. Multicompatible with everything.

    An OS with new features, which doesnt leave out old features for every release, just to rerelease them again, and leave out another thing, only pretending to listen, but in reality disregard peoples complains of features missing, so they can keep sell and resell forever.

    Should be open with all the worlds best 3rd party programs fully integrated as advanced features, with userfriendlyness in mind.

    An OS which is fast, bugfree, smooth and does not crash, does not slow down in time, uses as little power as possible. Instead of neverending buggy OS, with neverending new patches and stupid automatic restart as default so you lose all your data And stupid built in UAC virus asking you if you wanna run a program you did on purpose click on and to halt every single installtion you are making, so when you get back from another activity, the install havent progressed one bit.

    This will never happen as long as the OS programmers dont wanna lose their job for doing it too well, so they are no longer needed.

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  4. ghling

    If Valve release a Steam OS, I’d be quite sure that it would be kind of a rebranded ubuntu, especially as the Linux beta currently supports ubuntu only (but can be installed on every other distribution as well). I’d be more happy if Valve just release a steam version for linux (which they are about to do) and leave the users a choice, which distri they want to use. If there would be a Steam OS, my concern is that it will be orientated more towards a closed system than an open one. I don’t want Valve being able to control my complete OS (if I want that, I could just stick with Windows).
    The most important thing is that they release Steam for Linux and thus pressuring the graphic card manufacturers for new and better graphic drivers.

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  5. Jibece

    I vote for “No I hate Linux”. Of course I don’t hate Linux, but a based OS for gaming seems like a terrible idea, even for a “Steam Box”. I would prefer they make a deal with Microsoft to repackage Windows for gaming, instead of that.

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  6. Alenonimo

    I wouldn’t leave Windows but I would gladly install a second OS optimized for gaming, be it Linux or not. Dual Boot is not really an issue lately, and even Windows offer a nice screen for choosing systems lately. I wish this new distro recognized that and used it if available though.

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  7. Matthias Olander

    I’d only ditch windows for a Valve ( or Linux) OS if valve also incorporated everything else Windows can run. My life doesn’t revolve around Steam alone, so their Linux OS would be pointless as i still had to be forced to keep a Windows install any way. But when a Linux distro comes along that can run *everything* Windows can i’d be all over it.

    But as that is likely to never happen….

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    1. MxxCon

      What are you running on Windows that you can’t on Linux?

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