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I was thinking lately about all that kickstarter stuff. You know, the site where users donate loads of cash for particular project (it’s supposed to be called crowdfunding but whatever) – could be basically anything, music, films, software (including games of course), devices etc. Some of these are great, innovative and fun, like these two for example: Romo (although completely useless, it’s a nice gadget) and Ouya (this could be fun, console on Android).

However, most of these are complete shit and it all reminds me of the situation when “indie” games or “indie packs” where actually something unique and worth paying for or paying attention to and now… I think you guys realize that most of the packs, offers, deals and so on are just to make more and more money (duh).

There were a few cases so far where kickstarter users donated enormous amounts of money to something that didn’t even come out in the first place. Speaking of failed projects – one of the latest projects SHAKER just announced they won’t do it.

Sooo, anyway here’s a quick poll, I wonder what you guys think! :-)

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I run this place! :D

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  1. Faark

    Klicked on “Windows 8 sucks” since this is more important but like Kickstarter, as well.

    Pre-Order? Kind of… but since projects can fail you also can’t rly see it as a pre-order.

    Sure “We give you the cash and you give us anything resulting from it” would be nice, but i guess this would mean much higher pledge goals => Failed projects

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  2. SilentBugler

    Romo and Ouya? Amusing, yes. Fun?

    You know what is fun? “FTL:Faster Than Light” and “Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams”, the two completed Kickstater projects you can get on Steam right now.

    I’m OK with people using Kickstarter to fund projects that circumvent the usual game\print publisher and music label route. And I’m OK with game bundles as long as they are:
    A) Cheap
    B) Contain good games

    The EA “indie” bundle thing is ridiculous, but then it’s just one very silly case. I’m very satisfied with all of my HIB purchases.

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  3. Gokburt

    It’s awesome :D I’ve backed Wasteland 2 and Project Eternity so far.

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  4. Cyber Killer

    The whole idea of crowdfunding should be different, especially when it comes to digital stuff (like games). Currently it’s twisted so much that it’s basically just a preorder. Not to mention that the companies have the benefit of having all costs covered and in the end they stay with the game and make additional profits. This is wrong. IMHO if the ppl fund it, then the ppl own it – the games should be released (with full source code) on a free software license for everybody to enjoy. The creator company could add an additional cut for themselves to the funding campaign, but the effect should be free. This is an example of a good kickstarter project, where both the creator and the whole community benefits: http://ur1.ca/amcvy

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