Poll Time: Did you have problems with The Witcher 3 DVD disks?

Hey, I’m currently playing some Witcher guys, the story so far is very good, the optimization however is sloppy. Anyway, I had problems with my DVD 4 in the box, couldn’t install the game (I know you can download the game from GOG but when you buy game in retail you expect it to work right?) at all, the disk was broken.

So basically gave back my copy to the store they will replace it in matter 2 weeks, currently playing the game using GOG Galaxy and it works great and downloaded pretty fast from it.

Anyway here’s a question to you – did you have problems with your disk for the PC version or not?

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Did you have problems with The Witcher 3 DVD disks?

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I run this place! :D

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  1. Robert

    You might have used an Amazon voucher to buy the boxed version…

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  2. Dragoon

    After all these years you still doing the Windows 8 Sucks poll option? I almost fell off the chair laughing when I saw it. Real SU classic by now. :)

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  3. stranded

    I know loads of people who use mobile, LTE internet which is limited to either 30 GB or has a speed limit for like 20mbps. If you have the DVDs why wouldn’t you use them if you can? You paid for them and they SHOULD work.

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  4. Alex

    Can someone explain to me why you’d want disks if you can just download it?

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