Poll Time: Are you using Windows 8?

Here’s another poll for you guys. We wanna know if you’re actually using Windows 8 for your games and work. Go!

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Are you using Windows 8?

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I run this place! :D

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  1. Dragoon

    I just bought the Windows 8 for 30$ from MS before the upgrade offer expires. I wanted take advantage of the discount for Windows 8 Pro. I need the pro features, but I’m not going to install it yet.
    My computer runs perfectly with Win7 x64 and you never touch a running system. However my computer is getting old. (GTX 670, Q9550, 8gb Ram, no SSD drives)
    After the summer I’m going to build a new modern computer and then I will install Windows 8 on it. A modernized Windows OS is more important to me than some annoyance UI. There is already a good tool to from Stardock (Yes the games developer, they also do apps) to restore the Startmenu.
    In the end it’s not so much a matter of choice but necessity. Either you adapt or you get left behind. At least Windows 8 is friging fast and offer finally some decent native USB 3.0 support. I really can’t see USB 2.0 anymore especially with my 5 USB backup drives.

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  2. Gargoyle

    Windows 8…

    1) To fully benefit from it, you’d need a TouchScreen. Ergo, as a computer OS, you would need to upgrade hardware as well. From an ecological point of view, this isn’t a good solution as long as your current computer both works and suffices.
    (Even if I know that among “gamers” the word “suffice” is a gray territory.)

    2) The said TouchScreen (#1) makes using Win8 actually unergonomic! What ever happened to reducing hand movement(s) while using your PC? Imagine reaching to poke a fingerprint onto your display every now and then. ~7 hours a day, five days a week. Shoulder problems anyone?
    (Who ever got the idea that “forcing” this kind of Tabloidical UI on a full-scale “desktop computer world” was a good idea, should be hang from his wrist until his shoulders pop out and dislocate. On a scale this big, for active and daily usage? Not. A. Good. Idea.)

    3) Metro + “broken” Alt+Tab functionality reduces work effiency, unless you work as a typist and can survive with just a Wordpad open or somesuch. For anyone who relies on quick Alt+Tabbing between applications, Metro is a nuisance that adds extra, unnecessary, clicks and – referring to #2 – needless, extra, hand movements. Reducing both ergnomics and efficiency.

    1+2+3 = I have adviced against Windows 8 for any Work / Home / Gaming environment when ever I have been asked for my “educated opinion”. Upgrading seems counter-productive on so many levels.

    Sure, give me a 50-60″ LED TV that doubles as a TouchScreen and runs Windows 8 … With just a 12-20 fingerprints later I’ve tapped myself to watching a movie, for an example. I could see THAT working. When it’s not required that I tap the screen even once per hour, yet alone more often.

    Or give me a handheld device, a phone or a tablet etc … I’m sure it functions there well, where you can touch, point, smear and click all you want with just using your fingers – like I am now doing with my keyboard. Typety-typety-type.

    (As a sidenote, regarding an ad that is spreading as a YouTube link, if you someone to explain how your OS works, then “it’s not simple”, really. Especially if the said person is a Microsoft Certification owner, even if “just” a 9 year old kid. And while I personally would be offended upon the indication that I, as a customer/client/user, am dumb since I can’t use it, when a (trained) child can! …I also dislike the misinformation: The shoppers’ children don’t all own Microsoft Certificates to operate the OS like the kid in the store. ;P If you honestly have a good product, why do you need to sell it with dishonesty?)

    But in short; Windows 8 isn’t a “mistake” as such, I’m sure it’s a fine OS and has a functional UI. For handheld devices.
    I just think that enforcing the same format to (desktop/laptop) “computers”, at the cost of work ergonomics and efficiency, is a really bad / dumb move. =P
    (As in SteamBox, anyone? “Who would want to use a hand to operate a computer, when it’s that much slower to a computer. Instead we believe eye-movement tracking is the key…” …That sounds much better! Where’s my gaze-interpreting OS, hmm?)


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  3. hunshiki

    No. I’m using a PC, not a tablet.

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  4. Alenonimo

    I am using Windows 8. Apart from the Metro mess, it’s the most efficient Windows there is.

    Boots in under 10 seconds on newer computers. Lots of memory and disk optimizations. Doesn’t need drivers for USB 3.0. The Task Manager is gourgeous and you get graphics while moving files. It costs way less than the other Windows so piracy will be lower.

    It’s not like you must update to Windows 8 but I did and it went averagely well.

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    1. RlyDontKnow

      Gonna have to agree on that. I tried it out on my laptop and it’s surprisingly good.

      To my own surprise I wasn’t even annoyed by the metro stuff – quite the opposite. Essentially it’s just a fancy new start menu (with a search that *works* AND is *fast* – wow, that was a real surprise) and some fullscreen applications.

      The only thing I didn’t like is that there’s no explanation on how to actually close those with the mouse and it wasn’t intuitive for me as someone who never used one of those smart-phones.

      And one big issue: all the new fancy features don’t work when using my laptop as tablet (it’s a good old convertible with wacom) which I find kinda stupid as they seem to be targeted for that kind of device.

      Overall a nice windows version, though, that runs really smooth even on my old laptop.

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  5. stranded

    There will be support that’s for sure, but at this moment it sucks. And if Linux gamers think otherwise they still live in imaginary world ;X sorry…

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  6. Searz

    Who in their right mind would?..

    Also, poll needs Linux choices.

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    1. stranded

      That’s where you have Other. No one who wants to play DX11 based games uses Linux. Tuxrider ftw. xD

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    2. ghling

      @stranded: How many games need DX11 these days? With few exceptions most of them still run fine on DX9, which runs fine under linux using WINE.
      I hope that there will be more OpenGL support once we will see more games support linux with steam.

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