Poll Time: Are you a guy or a girl? Tell us!

Gender Poll

Here’s another weird poll for you guys, this time we’re asking if you’re a guy or a chick! That’s pretty interesting, I wonder if any chicks read this thing at all!

Everyone knows that girls *don’t use* computers, duh!

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I run this place! :D

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  1. stranded

    Pretty much everyone who uses this website is gay though.

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    1. Zuko

      nope, only prawn

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  2. laserad

    i am a colony of trillions of co-operating tiny things that evolved over millions of years and they dont give a fuck about this poll… and jesus never existed
    may i also point out that the “;(” is a little bigoted… i dont think most gay people consider being gay as a bad thing…

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    1. Gargoyle

      Being “trapped” in the body of another gender does not equate into the word “gay”.

      Yes, many gay don’t consider being gay a bad thing. Many straight don’t either!
      And woat, get this: Many straight don’t consider being straight a bad thing either! :P

      But trust me, being “trapped” is very, very rarely … a good thing.
      Wether it’s just “behind the broken door in your own WC” or “in the wrong gender body, probably for the rest of your life” – not good. =)

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  3. Ixolite

    I was really tempted with the ‘Other’ option ;P

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