Now it’s time to get the Hitmans … or not? (48% higher price in EU)

The Hitman Collection

US: $9.99
UK: £6.99 (12% higher)
EU: 9,99€ (48% higher)

Items included:

Hitman 2: Silent Assassin

Released 15 Mar 2007

9,99€ 4,99€

Hitman: Blood Money

Released 15 Mar 2007

9,99€ 4,99€

Hitman: Codename 47

Released 15 Mar 2007

9,99€ 4,99€
Individual price     14,97€
Package price          19,99€
Weekend Deal – Save 50% until Monday       -10,–€
Cost to you 9,99€
You save   4,98€
NB! The collection doesn’t consist “Hitman Contracts” as was discussed here.
Quoting: “Apparently, Contracts isn’t on Steam because the copyright for the song in “Rendezvouz in Rotterdam” wasn’t able to be renewed.”

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  1. Amadeus

    Contracts isn’t as great as these other three. At all. And 10€ is still fucking cheap for those awesome games. If I didn’t already have all of them, I would buy them now.

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  2. 0cube

    /same opinion as glubbar (altough if contracts finds it way in it, i ‘ll also buy it for 10€

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  3. glubbar

    Not buying unless Hitman: Contracts is included… and price becomes fair (which would be 7€).

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  4. BOBO

    what about Hitman Contracts?!

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