Want spend more? Steam helps you with Daily deals!


Starting today, Steam offers a new 24-hour deal, every single day. Look for the deals each day on the front page of Steam. Or follow them on twitter or Facebook for instant notifications wherever you are!



NB! Don’t rush to buy everything! Most likely there are totally messed up prices.

Check the Steamprices first or use Firefox plugin Greasemonkey and Comparison script. Maybe I will do some posts about it but I doubt that :D

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  1. slay

    Thanks, Nova :)

    Yeah, these sales suck, they make you to buy lots of junk you never play :)

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  2. Faky

    I have probable bought all of the fair priced games already, so they have nothing in store for me anymore. Back to my huge backlog of unplayed games.

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  3. 0cube

    There should definitely be posts when there is a good price for europe, or a real, real horrible price (about 50%+)

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  4. nova

    Just updated SP to parse the DailyDeals. :) Let’s hope for some decent deals, the recent ones (since winter holiday) weren’t that attractive to me.

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  5. slay

    And this “todays deal” sucks balls:

    US: $5.00
    UK: £3.75 (22% higher)
    EU: 5,–€ (42% higher)
    AU: $5.00 USD (0% higher)
    RU: $5.00 USD (0% higher)

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