Metal Drift Pre-Purchase for Beta Access! (fair price)

Metal Drift

US: $12.49 $9.99
UK: £7.99 £6.39 (3% higher)
EU: 8,99€ 7,19€ (6% higher)

Gamespot user score: 7.3

Metal Drift is a vehicular sport combat game set in a distant future. As the player, you command an agile, high powered hover tank in a futuristic sports arena. Core game play centers on intense tank-on-tank multiplayer team combat seen through an immersive, first person cockpit. Layered on this is a goal-oriented game type that allows for high level strategy and team dynamics. Players can level up to unlock new ranks, weapons, and upgrades.

Each weapon and upgrade is specifically designed and balanced to allow different styles of play. Pair up the Stealth upgrade and the Shock Cannon to uncloak behind an enemy player and unload a devastating blow before disappearing again. Or choose the Sensor upgrade to see where all the nearby players are, and the Temporal Cannon to shoot them through walls! There are 56 possible combinations – choose whichever suits your strategy.

  • Multiplayer team-based vehicular combat
  • 5 Different arenas featuring multiple levels and boost tunnels
  • Persistent leveling system – level-up to unlock new weapons and upgrades
  • Stats and Leaderboards
  • 56 Different tank configurations
  • 18 Steam Achievements, with more coming soon!
  • Unique energy management system – accumulate energy and then distribute it to weapons or use it to gain a speed boost!
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  1. netlork

    Woot, i bought it too XD BUt i still dont play, i try it this afternoon :D

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  2. slay

    I bought it and played it, or was it beta. Pretty hard for first time :D

    It’s nice Indiegame. I played tutorial and first campaign or whatever it was. It was basically like that “bombing run” in UT2004, you take a ball to opponents gate.

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  3. netlork

    mmh i thinking seriously to buy it… but im unsure XD searching more opinions in forums XD

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  4. slay

    netlork – who knows, it isn’t yet out :D

    I think that it is more like old good Death Track

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  5. slay

    Rad-86, I totally agree with you :)

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  6. netlork

    And the game, worth it??

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  7. Rad-86

    it is very fair.. since the US price doesnt include the tax! people still dont want to understand it.. up to 10% higher price in EU is okay..

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