Kalypso backstabbing EU users with unfair price for Dungeons!! (updated)


Thank you everyone, who joined Kalypso forum and said something about this unfair price.


We won something, but not much. The price has been lowered 5€, down to 44,99€. BUT this doesn’t fix the problem. We get now ripped off by 52% instead of 67%.

Beware. There are more Kalypso games with ultra unfair price as written in my post also. I think that they will simply delete the it and ban me from the forums.



WARNING!! DO NOT BUY THIS GAME (DUNGEONS) because of awfully unfair price for EU! Unless it’s on sale with a very cheap price!


Yay, finally, Dungeon Keeper franchise sequel Dungeons is available as the Steam news claims.

Pre-Purchase DUNGEONS – Steam Special Edition and receive M.U.D. TV to play now!
Assume the role of a mighty Dungeon Lord and create your own diabolical dungeon. Lure Heroes into your labyrinthine with the promise of treasure and a good fight – only to trap them with your ingenious devices.
DUNGEONS – STEAM SPECIAL EDITION includes an exclusive extra mission, all new maps to play in sandbox mode and a variety of unique prestige gimmicks to customize your dungeon!
Pre-Purchase offer ends February 10th, 10am PST.



But hey, wait a minute. Wtf is wrong with the price, 49.99€ ($66.55)?? and in US only $39.99 (30.00€)? That’s 67% more expensive!

And not only in Steam!



Dungeons is available for pre-order worldwide for $39.99 USD | 44.99 EUR | 34.95 GBP. Dungeon pre-orders will be charged immediately with instant access to Ceville. There are NO REFUNDS on this title. Dungeons will be released worldwide on Impulse February 10, 2011.


Price: 44.95€ – http://www.gamersgate.com/DD-DUNGEONS/dungeons


I wanted this game! Now I don’t! Unless they correct the price politics. But they won’t.


Fortunately there is a thread in Kalypso forums about this Steam Special Edition and one guy asked the question, why is the price in EU 20€ more expensive than in US. Let’s find out what they answer to this. And we got an answer:

They don’t give shit about EU! Ok that is not entirely true, because they finally lowered the price by 5€, but unfortunately it is still far from being fair price :(


Okay, I registered and posted something too, let’s wait answer for this.


So DO NOT BUY THIS GAME (DUNGEONS)! Unless it’s on sale with a very cheap price!





32 responses to “Kalypso backstabbing EU users with unfair price for Dungeons!! (updated)”

  1. Samael Avatar

    I was kinda intrigued by the games buzz until I’ve read that it’s developed by realmforge. You know, the developer who made MUD TV, a broken and bugged up the ass piece of shit with a really nasty memory leak and a bug that shreddered your save file and they basically thre their hands in the air and said “No patches, suckers. We have to make our next broken game and overcharge it”

  2. Faky Avatar

    Oh sweet i see the free version is already out 14days before release. That is what i call fast digital service ;)

    Now lets see if it is worth my time, since i already know its not worth my money. And what i noticed is that its one of those Games for Windows titles – its a no buy even if its 50% lower price in EU. Sorry Kalypso try harder with your next game.

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