Hail to the King, baby – demo out now!

Duke Nukem Forever demo out for First Access Club members (who bought Borderlands GOTY edition)

Looks fun :)


Updated on 4th June – added more screenshots



Quick screenshots below

Watch the demo gameplay video here –  http://www.justin.tv/ickum/b/287249656

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  1. glubbar

    I don’t give a damn about that game. Even though Gearbox saved the game, I’ve always found it over-rated.

    Anyway, TotalBiscuit has done a video on that demo and it seems really not that good. But again, what’s so suprising here?


    Sorry, I’m just not a Duke fan, and I don’t understand the hype about that game.

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  2. stranded

    LOL, I need to get on Steam soon to try it out. I was afraid it might be really bad, just hyped a lot in the media to sell well and that’s it.

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  3. Xan

    Dissapointingly mediocre

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  4. mik0

    After playing the demo I’m really disappoined. I was not expecting the best game of the year, but not even this.
    It’s still duke but without a game.

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  5. Jason

    Dude, all who pre-ordered the game (Duke Nukem Forever; *not* Borderlands), for example at Amazon or Gamestop, get into the First Access Club and can play the Demo right NOW. Even a swiss shop (wog.ch) does include it, so I guess there are even more dealers which include that offer.

    And it’s just first access, not exclusive, everbody will get the demo after some time as Plastefuchs also mentioned.

    So don’t behave like a little child v00d00m4n and stop whining :-p

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  6. Plastefuchs

    They said time and time again that the demo will be out for everyone after some time. :P

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  7. v00d00m4n

    Exclusive demo for owners of GOTY Borderlands is stupid discrimination!

    I pre-ordered DNF 10 fucking years ago, and i deserve to be one of the 1st to play demo, why the heck it only available for Borderlands GOTY owners??? I want to shoot guys from Gearbox’s marketing devision for such a dull attempt to push Borderlands GOTY sales by including exclusive demo of DNF!

    This demo definitely deserves to be uploaded to torrents and given to everyone.

    Guys, please torrent it asap, dont be dicks, this is demo after all that should be available to everyone!

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