Get Tales of Monkey Island Episode 1 for FREE!

According to LucasArts and Telltale Games today is the International "Talk Like a Pirate Day”. And because of that both companies prepared a cool promotion for gamers around the world!

Episode 1 of Tales of Monkey Island is available free, but only for few hours!

Full version can be downloaded from the official website at this address. Promotion is expected to last just one day, so be vigilant!

In addition to a free Episode 1 the creators of Monkey Island series prepared a 50% off promotion (from 17 to 21 September) of The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition – available on Steam, Direct2Drive (USA only), and Apple’s App Store.


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I run this place! :D

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  1. mik0

    It’s a pity if you already own all their games (like me).

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  2. Jibece

    Good deal :)

    If you already get this game, Telltale give you another coupon for a game of your choice.

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  3. Zuko

    mailed keys, don’t work in steam

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