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Something for you to think about..


Which games pop in mind if you look at that comic?

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  1. David

    Borderlands.. and DragonAge: Origins

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  2. hyker

    yeah, there wasn’t any dlc at all back then
    except the 3-4 expansion that came with every succesful game back then

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  3. john

    Railworks haha

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  4. Cory

    There was a story a few years ago about how game companies are purposely making games easier and easier because players are getting older. For example, I use to spend hours per day playing video games. Now, with work and family obligations, I’m lucky if I play every few weeks (or months). I could never consider passing a game unless there was an easier setting. This is also why so many programmers make simple games for phones, iPads, etc.

    Then again, because I don’t have time to play the serious games, I don’t buy them and their strategy isn’t working out so well.

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  5. stranded

    That’s mostly true with games these days BUT there are a few exceptions.

    I recommend playing L.A. Noire to anyone, I’m somewhere in the middle of the game and it’s fucking GREAT. Really, the graphics don’t matter at all, the fucking plot, characters, events, cases everything is complex and fun to watch (YEAH! Watch, it’s like a good long movie).

    I’m afraid that Duke Nukem Forver might be garbage but we’ll see…

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  6. Cleveland Rock

    What comes to mind is definitely Mega Man (a shining example of the happiest highs and angriest lows in classic games) and The Sims. The Sims obviously doesn’t have bosses or an end, but those expansions, man. EA really overdoes it with their expansion policy.

    Also, if you look at “1 level”, “2 level”, etc. as difficulty levels, then it definitely reminds me of Doom. Play Doom on Nightmare mode and you will make that exact same face,

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  7. James

    I wonder what the average age of a gamer is today compared to back then. I know playing online in the late 90s most of the people I played with were in their 20s and up. I’d be willing to bet now there are a lot more pre-teens and teenagers playing games – hence the dumbing down and DLC $$$.

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  8. Deman

    Totally true, I like the old challenging games way more than these way to casual games. Trying to be epic with good graphics, dumbed down gameplay and other crap.
    Also indeed, the DLC is a really bad habit in PC gaming :( That why I like indie developers, they are gamers and make for gamers so they know how to make games.

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  9. H4ndy

    Story wise it reminds me more of Mass Effect 2 (but more like looooong game + DLC for story pieces which should be already included in the game).
    In CoD you can easily go without these few extra maps.

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  10. Vogelaufmzaun

    90s: Command & Conquer, Future Cop LAPD, Sovjet Strike, Resident Evil, Syndicate, Homeworld

    20xx: Fallout 3/New Vegas, Call of Duty MW2/Black Ops, Battlestations Pacific, Civ 5, Hearts of Iron 3, Portal 2 (we’ll see…), Borderlands

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  11. Nightwalker

    Call of duty… -____-

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  12. rottencat

    But not with L4D.

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