Games Republic: Third day of sales, special giveaway coming later today!

Hey guys, as you know Games Republic are having their first birthday event on their site, you seriously need to check out their site for special deals and promos, click here to do that.

Games Republic BIRTHDAY

Special 15% off voucher (works until May 5th):

It’s the third day of the first anniversary celebration at Games Republic, and they keep on handing out games for every new account and first purchase. When you register an account on Games Republic you get Anomaly: Korea for free (with Steam cards). With your first purchase you get free Anomaly 2 (with Steam cards too!). 

 Couple of fresh new deals below:

Don’t forgot to use the 15% off voucher on all orders!

Special Giveaway Details:

We have received lots of goodies from Games Republic to giveaway! Visit Steam Unpowered today in few hours to see how to win…


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