Update: GamersGate is ok after all… Sorry!


Well fuck some people, it turned out that the OP was a moron. GamersGate didn’t do anything like that.

Sorry for the late update but there are time zones you know.


update on GG



Remember the time when GamersGate mistakenly priced Bethesda Complete Pack and Borderlands 2 four pack at a really low price during the holiday sale and then they figured out a way to make their customers happy and fix it after the new year? Well guess what, it was all a lie – at least some users report so.


It turns out that GamersGate is now removing games from the users:

By ryanz on official forums posted Yesterday

Just got an email from Paypal telling I’ve been refunded for the Bethesda Pack from GG. First I thought it’s just another computer error, then I checked my Steam and found the game I already redeemed, Fallout: New Vegas, was removed. So this is definitely deliberate.
Gamersgate, you made a promise and then eat your words again! Fuck you!

It also seems that Steam is now removing the games from the users who activated the keys they bought. Not cool.

Source: official forums






3 responses to “Update: GamersGate is ok after all… Sorry!”

  1. Kossak Avatar

    lol, can’t believe it, what an idiot

  2. .Lautre Avatar

    read the full thread. op say ”
    By ryanz posted Today
    Sorry guys, I made a mistake. I moved Fallout: New Vegas to Favorites on Steam so I didn’t find it on the alphabetic game list. I have submitted a support ticket and will close this thread.”

    1. stranded Avatar

      Yep, fixed the post.

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