Free games on Ubisoft shop (With Steam redeemable games list)

Use this code:


on Ubisoft store to get ANY 10€ game – works in Europe only. Go go go!

News thanks to Andrea, original source: Steam Gifts


Those games are redeemable on Steam:

  • Babel Rising
  • Babel Rising – Sky’s the limit
  • Bloody Good Time
  • Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes
  • Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes – I am the boss
  • Mad Riders
  • RUSE
  • RUSE – DLC 2
  • RUSE – DLC 3
  • Shoot Many Robots
  • Zeit 2

In case Steam Gifts discussion goes down:

Update 2:

Promotion is OVER ;/ (checked in Italy, Spain and France)

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I run this place! :D

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  1. rpsgc

    I’m still waiting for the serial to be ‘generated’.

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  2. Maxobiwan

    [Update] Now, free games are finished : nothing’s below 10.99€. Even Babel Rising’s DLC (2.49€ -> 10.99€) !

    But the promotion code continues to work.

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  3. Maxobiwan

    The code still work !

    But they updated game prices : everything that was 9.99€ is now 10.99€

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  4. KarmaPt

    The cupon isn’t working anymore, I bought yesterday Mad riders and shoot many robots

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  5. Maxobiwan

    There is no game anymore on the site. Look like they deleted everything (even xbox360 games!!!!)

    Edit : the game search has been deleted but if you want Might and Magic V, google “shop heroes V”. It gets you to Heroes M&M V page where you can have it

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  6. Zuko

    it seems to work only in FR store for now (but games there are expensive ;/)

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  7. Knighter

    The store doesnt even load up now :\

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  8. Tiran

    Does not work in Norway becouse we dont want these shittygames!!!

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  9. Gokburt

    Doesn’t work for me neither (Norway)

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  10. It doesn’t seem to work here in Spain. When I use the “Promotion Code”, and then validate it, it doesn’t do anything.

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  11. xeramon

    Dont wor for germany (anymore?) :(

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    1. pingupunk

      Yes it doesn’t work anymore…
      This morning youth-protection failure and now it’s not working.
      Shame on you Ubisoft!!!!

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  12. emrextreme

    Works in Turkey as well. Mad Riders for the win. :)

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  13. Jibece

    Well, I’m from France, I created one account per code and it works.
    But, it seems we’re limited to 2 accounts per IP, so it’s a little hard to use a proxy if everyone use the same.

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  14. Dave1988

    A little extra information. Like already mentioned “if you lose it you have to redl within 30 days of purchase or you lose the product” or you can pay extra 6€ (at least for Hells Highway) for EDSL (Extended Download Service) to be able to DL for 2 years, must be a f-in bad joke, pay extra 6€ to not lose the game you paid for (well ok not in this case :D) and then it only lasts for 2 years, well f you.

    Another thing. If you are looking for R.U.S.E., I found it on the Endwar page at the recommended games down at the bottom of the site, but its 20€

    Information number 3: create multiple accounts if you want multiple games (didn’t try but should work) and if your game expires in a month you still have the key so you can get the game from elsewhere, if you know what I mean :D

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