Free Bioshock 1 on GameFly



  • Non Steam
  • Credit card is required
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  1. RunMbug

    same message for me

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  2. emrextreme

    “Sorry, due to region restrictions, this product cannot be sold in your country.”,

    Bummer :(

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  3. ajaxmansion

    firstable i got game in my account and second its not key for steam or something the game is loaded to your GameFly account

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  4. crazy4ever

    if you got a key can u sent 1 to my steam? : crazy4everx

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  5. ajaxmansion

    ok at last i try and it’s work no taxes or something just need to have card (mine is debit) so it work not only with credit card :)P

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  6. ajaxmansion

    it is save someone tell please they want my card number for transaction but the game is free why ?

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    1. Zuko

      maybe this is “anti abuse system” :P

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  7. TheRemmu

    Doesn’t let me choose paypal, a pity.

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  8. crazy4ever

    i dont have a creditcart, i cant get it… some1 can get it for me??? pm the steam code to this account pls.

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  9. poet

    I have to introduce my credit card on checkout. Anyone?

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