First look at xCloud for Windows 10

Microsoft has started testing xCloud for Windows 10 PCs internally! Why would you use the game streaming service on your computer? It’s simple, you don’t need anything more than a good connection and a gamepad. No fancy processor or graphics card. It will run on pretty much any crappy Windows tablet or cheap notebook.

There are a couple of games already available on the service but all of them run only at 720p at the moment.

“This internal preview is running at 720p resolution with 1080p just around the corner,” according to internal Microsoft support note.

Here are some screenshots from The Verge:

Microsoft’s xCloud server

The team is currently working on transitioning the xCloud servers to the brand new AMD based processor and GPU used in Xbox Series X. It is far more powerful – it includes a new encoder up to 6 times faster than now!

The service launches by the end of 2020 if everything goes as planned.


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