Xbox: PUBG and Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 FREE for limited time!

Edit: Turns out this is just limited for 3 days, after those days you won’t be able to play those games without a purchase. Sorry about that!

Guys this is a nice promo on Microsoft Store. You can now redeem PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS and Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 entirely FREE by just clicking a button. You can still claim it

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Xbox Game Pass now ultra cheap on Microsoft Store!

You can now subscribe to Xbox Game Pass (which is also available on Windows 10, just not all titles). Just open up your Microsoft Store app on Windows 10 PC and look for Xbox Game Pass, then activate your subscription by paying something like $1 or €1 or whatever (it’s different in some regions). Read more about it here.

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Microsoft Store: Cloud saves corrupted? You’re out of luck!

There’s a pretty interesting topic on /r/windows10 today. Someone is having problems with Superhot VR edition. Basically his savegame got corrupted somehow and unfortunately the broken file is already up in the cloud.

What doest that mean? According to Microsoft support you have to “play the game again”. Ouch.

On Steam whenever you’re

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