DOTA 2 winner should get 1 000 000 Euros!

DOTA 2 competition is held in Europe, Germany.

Valve`s exchange rate is 1€=$1

Therefor 1st place prize should be 1.000.000€ not $1.000.000

(by rottencat)

If you are quick, you can see and comment it before steam hammer legion wakes up and bashes and deletes the thread.

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  1. Shait

    greedy bastards

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  2. pacman

    Well you are absolutely right. Maybe we can use this tournament in order to make people aware of the 1€=1$ issue.

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  3. rottencat

    and the topic is deleted but fun remains.

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  4. Kossak

    Brilliant point, totally agree with it.

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  5. Remco32

    No, the winner should get 9999999999 euros!!!!!

    It’s Valve’s tournament, they can decide on a price.

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  6. Xan

    Oh for the love of…

    This is really nitpicky…

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