Details about the Ubisoft situtation, statement inside

If you’ve purchased Far Cry 4 on PC from sites like G2A or Kinguin, you may have found that you no longer have access to your game. Reports like this have been popping up recently on the Ubisoft forums, and Ubisoft confirmed it is taking action.

Here’s why it happened. There were some merchants re-selling those keys originally bought with stolen credit card information. EA confirmed that on Game Informer.

“A number of activation keys for Ubisoft products were purchased from Origin using fraudulent credit cards, and then resold online. We identified the unauthorized keys and notified Ubisoft. If you are having trouble with an activation key, we recommend you contact the vendor who sold it to you for a refund. We strongly advise players only purchase keys from Origin or trusted resellers. For more information on our policy is available here.”

After all that EA decided to remove Ubisoft games from Origin altogether to avoid this situation in the future.

As you may know a lot of keys removed by Ubisoft were from We found out from their PR Manager – Jens Quentin – that they are now investigating merchants who sold the bad game keys.

If you didn’t know works as a store on it’s own and it allows to sell games by sellers from around the world. You can think of as an eBay for digital products.

But there is also another side into this, here’s what Kinguin chief marketing officer Bartłomiej Skarbiński said:

“The current case raised by Ubisoft is surely unfair towards the players. The banned game copies in question were acquired through licensed wholesale distributors and as such the origin of the ‘keys’ is the publisher himself. From the gamer point of view its like going out to the store, purchasing a copy of the game, taking it home and suddenly a knock-knock on the door with Ubisoft representative taking the copy away – not even asking you as a paying customer to return it.”

Did you guys have any problems with your keys? If so leave a comment.

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  1. LoGa

    this sux anyway… its like you buy a banana in a store and then the supplier take it from you and says it was stolen

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  2. trancemansion

    well i was have problem with Far Cry 4 Season Pass from Kinguin. The key was so cheap about 7 euro and wasn’t thinking that this could be a problem… anyway i contact with support thru site system and they were friendly enought to give me a refund.

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