Deals of the Week 43 (19th – 25th Oct)


  • New release: Commandos 2 + 3 @ GoG – both games for $9.99
  • JoWooD catalogue 30% off & Patrician 1 + 2 @ GoG
  • Steam middleweek “DEAL” – Assassin’s Creed 75% off ONLY FOR AMERICA!
  • Steam new release indie-game Itza Bitza10% off til 21th Oct, hurry!

Good Old Games

Good Old Games gem of the Week: Septerra Core (1999). Get it for $4.99!

We know there are a lot of RPG fans here at and this week we decided to put a spotlight on a role-playing title, but different than others, unique. Septerra Core is a console-style RPG made by a USA developer Valkyrie Studio in a spirit of Japanese RPGs. Pete Davison took the fun ride into the world of manga-styled characters, intricate storyline and he wrote down his impressions here. With the article comes the $1.00 discount, so you can grab the game for only $4.99 until Sunday, October 25 at 11:59 p.m. EDT

JoWooD catalogue (total: 8 games) 30% off!!

For the whole week, until Monday, October 26 at 11:59 p.m. EDT, all games from JoWooD’s catalogue are 30% off! This means you can grab such gems like for example: Painkiller: Black Edition or Gothic 2 Gold for $6.99 and The Nations Gold for only $4.19. Get the whole package for $47.52 and save $20.40! PS. I personally recommend Spellforce Platinum edition – cool unusual RPG style game. $9.99 for a game and 2 expansions, not a bad deal at all :)

New release Patrician 1 + 2 both games together $5.99. Get them here!

New release: Commandos 2 + 3 – both games for $9.99. Get them here!


Who missed THQ deals in Steam, here is new and better deal (IMHO!) in GamersGate! All THQ games are off 50%!

Highly recommended!

Sample: Red Faction Guerilla 19.95€
For comparison Steam prices (thanks, Rad-86):
US: $39.99
UK: £34.99 (43% higher)
EU: 49,99€ (86% higher)


Steam has week deal too! Assassin’s Creed: Director’s Cut Edition 75% off. FOR AMERICA ONLY!

It’s the middle of the week and you’re hard at work (or play). You need a break. The solution? Join history’s deadliest and most secretive clan of warriors in Assassin’s Creed™: Director’s Cut Edition. Get it before Thursday morning and save 75% off the regular price. Offer available in North, Central, and South America only.

And another release – indie game Itza Bitza. But not very fair price.. But acceptable.

US: $9.99 $8.99
UK: £6.99 £6.29 (15% higher)
EU Tier1: 8,99€ 8,09€ (35% higher)

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  1. glubbar

    If I were North Korean, I would gladly say something like FUCK AMERICAaAAAaaAaa!

    just kidding. :/

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  2. XanderCz

    OMG AC for $5 only in US! RAAAAAAAAGE!!!1!1!1!1!1111!!!elevenelevenoneoneone

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  3. 0cube

    You know what i cant understand? steam also did this thq mid week madness in the summer. since this year, steam never took a different publisher… it’d be nice if its not always thq but also for example activision.

    ps.: nice deals over here ;D i might get some games

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  4. Kossak

    I heard the download speed from GamersGate is very poor. Can somebody who bought a game from them confirm this?

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  5. slay

    PS. Gamersgate displays prices already with 50% off.

    19.95€ is discounted price, steam had 25% discount, gamersgate 50% discount :)

    So when doing little math 19.95 + 19.95 = 39.90, which is US price but in €-s

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  6. Rad-86

    $19.95 .. just btw .. anyway..
    steam ripping everyone off.
    US: $39.99 $29.99
    UK: £34.99 £26.24 (43% higher)
    EU: 49,99€ 37,49€ (86% higher)

    $19.95 => 13.35€
    that compared to 37.5€? really? 180% more?
    Game producers should ask themselves why theres so much of piracy..

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