Dark Souls 2 only 30€ / $34.50 / £20.50, Steam redeemable

Dark Souls 2 comes out soon, make sure to grab a copy on G2A! It’s only 30€ / $34.50 / £20.50 (depending on your choice). It’s redeemable on Steam of course.

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I run this place! :D

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  1. Serathis

    While DS 1 was an abysmal PC port, this is merely not very good. Mouse lag, mouse acceleration. Some textures make my eyes bleed. Models in the “distance” have a 30 frame animation.

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  2. Arqaon

    Neat! Too bad I already ordered my copy :D
    Also, the downside with distributors who can offer this big a discount on pre-orders is that they are often not allowed to say whether or not their offers include pre-order-bonuses or not; or they don’t know it themselves.

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