GameFly deals for the week! Free game included!

Here are combined current and future deals from GameFly – including free game. They’ve got lots of games on sale now and it looks like some of these are Steam redeemable. Some of those don’t start until Friday!


Publisher Title SRP £ % Disc Sale Price From To
Paradox Europa Universalis III Chronicles £24.99 100% FREE 9-Apr 11-Apr
Paradox Magicka Collection Edition £19.99 65% £6.99 9-Apr 11-Apr
Paradox Mount & Blade Collection £39.99 65% £13.99 9-Apr 11-Apr
Paradox King Arthur Collection £14.99 65% £5.25 9-Apr 11-Apr
Paradox Cities in Motion Collection £44.99 65% £15.75 9-Apr 11-Apr
Devolver Hotline Miami £6.99 50% £3.49 12-Apr 15-Apr
Runic Torchlight 2 £14.99 50% £7.49 12-Apr 15-Apr
Trendy Dungeon Defenders £9.99 75% £2.49 12-Apr 15-Apr
Minmax Games Space Pirates and Zombies £6.99 75% £1.75 12-Apr 15-Apr
Empty Clip Symphony £6.99 66% £2.38 12-Apr 15-Apr
Positech Gratuitous Space Battles £9.99 60% £3.99 12-Apr 15-Apr
Dark Vale Forge £14.99 75% £3.75 12-Apr 15-Apr
Kalypso Sine Mora £7.99 75% £1.99 12-Apr 15-Apr
Reverb Pub. Ravaged £7.99 75% £1.99 12-Apr 15-Apr

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  1. Crusher

    Europa Universalis III Chronicles is back to £24.99. I guess it was just a mistake.

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    1. bbankrablo

      Well, it was free for a limited time… But without Steam code of course.

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