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In September 2013, few Polish guys from Blue Brick studio made a big buzz with their tech demo FPS where time flows normally only during movement, which gives the game a new dimension. Now the developers went with their project on Kickstarter asking for your help!

They’ve significantly improved the game. Studio says it has already developed the basic mechanisms of the game but there’s still a lot of work – they want to add campaign mode, more types of enemies, weapons and new levels and finally improve the visuals. Developers also plan to implement arena mode in which players face up to waves of enemies. The most interesting thing is that the game works with Oculus Rift which should look amazing!

For all this Blue Brick needs funds… so the studio decided to ask for help from players. Through the Kickstarter they want to collect $100 000 – an amount that will allow developers to cover the costs of the team, buy new equipment, licenses and materials that will complete superhot faster. The money will also be used to recruit additional people such as: designers, animators, level designers and sound engineers. They’ll also gather all the opinions and suggestions from players and maybe put them in the game.

The kickstarter launched maybe few hours ago and at the time of writing this post developers managed to collect over $43 000 and there’s still 30 days left. See the video below for more details, looks like fun!

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