Quick look at MOTHERGUNSHIP!

I was so curious about this game! It looked like a really nice mix of fast & old school shooter like DOOM, Quake and Unreal series and something similar to Hard Reset - which had loads of robots and all that. MOTHERGUNSHIP is out now from Czech studio Grip Digital and it's fucking amazing! Read more below to know why. Simple and fun! The game looks simple at first, you start…


Check out Stardust Galaxy Warriors: Stellar Climax!

Just spreading some good words about Stardust Galaxy Warriors: Stellar Climax. Check it out on Steam! Stardust Galaxy Warriors: Stellar Climax is an engaging 1-4 player couch co-op action shooter game, combining SHMUP and Brawler-like gameplay with light RPG elements. Choose from different game modes, gameplay settings, mechs, weapons and upgrades to customize your experience freely. Soar through space, defeat evil and save the future... from itself! [fusion_builder_container hundred_percent="yes" overflow="visible"][fusion_builder_row][fusion_builder_column type="1_1"…


Quick Look at PixelJunk™ Shooter Ultimate

You guys know that I've been sick lately and PixelJunk™ Shooter Ultimate is a perfect game just for that! Especially when you like playing with the Xbox controller on your PC in your bed. I've used to play this game back when I had PS3 but this one runs so much nicer and smoother on a good old PC. It's integrated with Steam naturally. What's the game all about? You play with a little space…


Check out SUPERHOT

In September 2013, few Polish guys from Blue Brick studio made a big buzz with their tech demo FPS where time flows normally only during movement, which gives the game a new dimension. Now the developers went with their project on Kickstarter asking for your help! They’ve significantly improved the game. Studio says it has already developed the basic mechanisms of the game but there’s still a lot of work…


Insurgency giveaway – straight from New World Interactive!

Looks like Spring Lottery 2014 is not entirely over! We have 5 copies of Insurgency from the developers (thanks guys!) - what do you need to do to win? Just leave a comment below or on one of our social sites: Facebook page, Tweet about this (just mention us @steamunpowered), Google Plus this (we're +SteamUnpowered.eu) or leave a comment on our Steam group. Five people will get the game and…


“Painkiller Resurrection – get Black Edition and Overdose for free!” (read: for 47% higher price!)

Painkiller: Resurrection

+ bonus Painkiller: Black Edition + Painkiller: Overdose

Painkillern Resurrection

US: $29.99 $26.99
UK: £19.99 £17.99 (6% higher)
EU Tier1: 29,99€ 26,99€ (47% higher)

So all you remember nice “Heaven’s got a hitman”-game named Painkiller. Finally there is a sequel (or “addon” if you wish to say it so :P). Unfortunately the price is unfair. So if you really-really are a fan and want get your hands on it, go ahead.
PS. Game will be released on 27th Oct.