CDKeysDark: GTA 5, Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel and more!

Update SCAM ALERT: Do not buy anything from CDKeysDark. They are a scamming lots of users. Beware!

Here’s just a quick reminder to check out those cool offers from one of our recent Big Fucking Giveaway sponsors:

Grand Theft Auto V PRE-ORDER Steam Key for €27.8524.85


Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel PRE-ORDER Steam Key for €24.70

And random Steam key for 1€!

Random Steam Game

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  1. Ray

    yeah , i got ripped big time.. bought the GTA V Key a YEAR AGO !! on cdkeysdark and all was fine when i asked in november. now gta v comes out and bam.. cdkeysdark is gone, no answer and paypal isn’t providing me any security because it’s been over 6 months. thanks for nothing, have to buy the key again now for 70 EURO!!! instead of 25, so its 95 for me altogether. That guy should be hunted down, he robbed A LOT OF PEOPLE of their money and sits in asia now with a very big amount of DOLLARS, i guess its about 500.000 USD or more. and he does not care a BIT about any of us, doesn’t respond to emails or anything.

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