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Good Old Games: Hotline Miami $4.99

Weird game Hotline Miami is at 50% on GOG, you can purchase it there and it will be added to you games list on GOG to download later. The game is of course DRM free (you cannot redeem it on Steam) which means you can install it pretty much anywhere at by simply launching the exe file.  

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GOG introduces Pay What You Want!

That’s nice of them, they offer Divinity Anthology as Pay What You Want for next 6 days. The minimum you have to pay is $1 which is great I guess. Certain amounts of money unlock other things as you can see on the screenshot below: Lets hope others (Steam, Origin etc) will follow soon!


Witcher 2 devs giving away "legendary" PC RPG free on GOG this Thursday

CD Projekt Red will give away a "legendary" PC RPG for free on this Thursday, 5th April (revealed by Eurogamer). The giveaway coincides with CD Projekt's Spring Conference, which is being streamed live at 5pm GMT (presumably 6pm BST). Note that giveaway has nothing to do with the "extraordinary" conference announcement CD Projekt has been teasing. CD Projekt Red head of marketing Michał Platkow-Gilewski explained to Eurogamer: "No, there…


Good (not so?) Old Games grows bigger, puts it’s first pre-order for a brand new game

The new, new GOG offers more community features to suggest new games, a new, faster downloader, and, most importantly, more games. GOG is fulfilling its promise of newer games with a growing selection of recent indies including Trine and The Whispered World. It's even selling a game that's so not old, it's not even out yet. Pre-orders for the first-person dungeon RPG Legend of Grimrock are open now for $11.99,…

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Empire Earth is free on GOG for the next 48 hours!

Download the game for FREE That’s a cool promo I guess, if you’re into RTS games and don’t mind a little outdated graphics this is going to be perfect for you. All you need to do is login to your GOG account and download the free game (you can create a free GOG account as well). Here’s the game description from GOG: Control the destiny of a fledgling civilization through…


4.5 million pirated copies of Witcher 2 out there, according to CD Projekt

Polish developer CD Projekt claims that its Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings has been pirated more times since release than you might have expected. In a recent interview with PC Gamer, CEO Marcin Iwinski does some quick back-of-the-hand calculations according to what he saw on illegal downloading sites, and comes up with 4.5 million copies of the game obtained illegally. He also says, however, that "as of today we have…


GOG is changing

Over the last few years the Polish project has expanded from classics to a really impressive catalogue of games that made the 90s and early 00s interesting. Clearly they’ve been letting in many more recent games of late, with Fahrenheit appearing last week for example. And they used it to launch their own game, The Witcher 2, earlier this year. But it seems they want to expand even further, going…


Holiday deals huge wave + poll

24th Dec update: Added Impulse Christmas sale & updated EA store X-mas deal – 33% discount from all released games   Steam Steam surprised with total madness – they have over 1000 games on sale! Also they have new kinda “bonus deal” every day (ie, if got HL2, Portal will be lots cheaper). So check it out EVERY day, because every day is new deal with awesome prices. But beware…


GOG conference video

If you missed it, here it is (it was lagging sometimes though, especially when more than 600 people were spamming the chat): [sl-playerss background="white" width="90%" height="400px" videoUrl="" autoPlay="0" themeColorOne="70becc" themeColorTwo="999285"] If you want you can download it too by clicking here (zip file, fixed link).


New Good Old Games website tomorrow

New GOG website is launching tomorrow, it was redesigned (not really completely): they’ve added features like GOGMix (which is mixing up games that are rated similarly by GOG users), game suggestions (lets say you’re buying Fallout 1, the store will suggest Fallout 2 and similar games, yay…), they’ve changed their community page, added an easy way to browse through particular game forums, added game genres in the store (action, rpg…


Another GOG update!

So they posted some new stuff on and gave a link to this YouTube video: GOG promo video / september 21st 2010 After quickly analyzing the video you can see a bunch of new features like GOGMix and some UI changes along with new title – Baldur’s Gate The Original Saga – which was not on GOG earlier and was anticipated by thousands of players. So it seems that…


More info

We've contacted the Good Old Games press section and SteamUnpowered requsted for access to the online conference and in case we find out something tomorrow we'll post it here. For now there are several different possibilities of what's going on: GOG is actually shutting down (which is impossible, considering the last CDProjekt orange game series campaign in Poland, it was very similar and a lot of people were pissed because…

7 Comments is not shutting down, the end of beta is here!

Don’t believe everything you read, even on official websites. The message that can be read on says: According to GOG is not shutting down at all, here’s a source link (Polish). One of the GOG developers Michał Kamiński posted a message on Uwaga, data konferencji to pewnie 22gi sroda wczesnym wieczorem. Informacja o tym wkrotce na (prosze nie robic paniki po przeczytaniu informacji tam umieszczonych:). Prosze…


Weekend Deals (30.04.10)

Hello on this nice Walpurgs Night. 01.05 update: added GoG   Steam is offering this weekend Codemasters Racing games with 75% discount (somewhat fair price – EU €63.99 €16.00 / US $69.99 $17.50 / UK £49.99 £12.50)! Colin McRae DiRT 2 49,99€ 12,49€ (US: $39.99 $9.99 / UK £29.99 £7.49), DiRT 8,99€ 2,25€ (US $9.99 $2.50 / UK £6.99 £1.75), FUEL™ 13,99€ 3,49€, GRID™ 24,99€ 6,24€ (US: $24.99 $6.24 /…


Weekend Deals (23.04.10)

Don’t forget to check out week deals post, it still applies on this weekend also.   Steam - Call of Duty® 4: Modern Warfare™ -50% - US: $29.99 $14.99 / UK: £19.99 £9.99 (2% higher) / EU: 24,99€ 12,49€ (10% higher), Steam is celebrating also new DLC called “Passing” for Left 4 Dead 2 with 33% discount - US: $29.99 $20.09 / UK: £19.99 £13.39 (2% higher) / EU Tier1:…

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