GameFly deals up and ready, Steam redeemable

Publisher Title SRP £ % Disc Sale Price From To Kalypso Omerta/Port Royale 3 Bundle £49.98 75% £12.49 29-Apr 30-Apr Warner Bros Batman: AA GOTY £9.99 60% £3.99 29-Apr 2-May Warner Bros Batman: AC GOTY £19.99 60% £7.99 29-Apr 2-May Warner Bros Fear 3 £12.99 60% £4.99 29-Apr 2-May Warner Bros Scribblenauts Unlimited £22.99 60% £8.99 29-Apr 2-May Warner Bros Bastion £11.49 60% £4.49 29-Apr 2-May Warner Bros Lego Batman…


GameFly deals for the week! Free game included!

Here are combined current and future deals from GameFly – including free game. They’ve got lots of games on sale now and it looks like some of these are Steam redeemable. Some of those don’t start until Friday!   Publisher Title SRP £ % Disc Sale Price From To Paradox Europa Universalis III Chronicles £24.99 100% FREE 9-Apr 11-Apr Paradox Magicka Collection Edition £19.99 65% £6.99 9-Apr 11-Apr Paradox Mount…


GameFly: Deals for this week in one post :-)

Here’s another set of deals from GameFly. Most of these are Steam redeemable, however always check out their detailed descriptions to be sure. Some of these deals don’t start until March 29th. Here they are! Title SRP £ % Disc Sale Price From To Prototype 2 £19.99 60% £7.99 25-Mar 28-Mar Prototype £14.99 75% £3.75 25-Mar 28-Mar The Amazing Spider-Man £24.99 60% £9.99 25-Mar 28-Mar Tony Hawks Pro Skater HD…


GameFly: List of sales for the week!

GameFly is having lots of deals so I’m just gonna list those here for you. This 20% off coupon code (GFDMAR20UK) applies to digital content, preorders, downloads and DLC and can be used more than once. Coupon expires 15/3/13. Most of the games listed below are Steam redeemable, some are Origin redeemable, there’s always info if it works on Steam or any other platform or not. Check before you buy!…


GameFly: List of sales for the whole week!

GameFly is having lots of deals so I’m just gonna list those here for you. Remember to use the brand new 20% OFF coupon code: GFDMAR20UK! Title SRP $ % Disc Sale Price From To Battlefield 3 £29.99 50% £14.99 4-Mar 7-Mar Battlefielfd Bad Company 2 £14.99 67% £4.95 4-Mar 7-Mar Mirror’s Edge £14.99 67% £4.95 4-Mar 7-Mar The Saboteur £14.99 75% £3.75 4-Mar 7-Mar Medal of Honor £14.99 75%…


GameFly: Alice Madness Returns for £3.75

This is a pretty psycho game if you ask me. This one can be redeemed on Origin I think, I’m not quite sure. It’s non-Steam though. This sale is limited to the countries listed below.     This title is available for purchase in Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain,…

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Sleeping Dogs and XCOM on sale, Steam redeemable

Sleeping Dogs Limited Edition is now on sale for £7.49. This is GTA-like but Asian. Pretty badass from the makers of Just Cause 2. (Fixed thanks to @ercankazaz on Twitter! Sorry for the mix up). Another one is XCOM: Enemy Unknown for £14.99. Pretty good remake of a classic game, I only played the demo but it was fun enough.


Coop games from GameFly, Steam redeemable

They have a lot of deals out of the sudden (Valentine’s day related?), released an hour ago. All of these are Steam Redeemable and quite cheap. Reminder, use the 20% off voucher if it still works!: GFDFEB20 First one is Payday: The Heist for £3.75. I nice coop game but just to let you know: play it with friends, not random people!     Second one is Renegade Ops for…


Couple of Tuesday deals, Steam redeemable!

Update: Added another deal, this time from GMG for the game Bang Bang Racing. The game activates on Steam and is only $2.50 today.  Use the new voucher to get it even cheaper: GMG20-P4DLK-FKYRS First of all don’t forget to use this promo code GFDFEB20 which gives you 20% off most games on GameFly. OK here we go, first one is Spec Ops: The Line for £4.99 on GameFly (+20% off…


GameFly: Saints Row 3 Full Package, Steam redeemable

If you always wanted to run around with dildos on the streets of some crazy city now you can, even in coop. Saints Row The Third Full Package is on GameFly for only £7.49. The game and all of it’s DLCs is of course Steam redeemable because it uses Steamworks. I know that the game was for cheap on the Humble THQ Bundle but without the DLC. Anyway you can…