Who wants free games this week? Contest!

Yo!! I'm in a good mood today. Who wants to get some free Steam games?! Wanna have a chance to win some free games? Do this: Draw a horse for Patricia. Send your drawings to: contest@steamunpowered.eu Winners will be announced on Tuesday. Be creative, be fun and be offensive! Go! Edit: You guys are hilarious, keep them coming!!! Tell your friends.


Check out GameCast!

You gotta check our our friends on GameCast. It's an online pinboard like Pinterest but exclusively for gamers. You can easily post screenshots from your computer and other places on the net and videos from YouTube as well. The address is http://www.gamecast.me!


Poll Time: Would you want us to expand?

Hello. We’ve been wondering for a while now if you guys expect us to expand in the near future. Please vote in the poll below. There are lots of ideas such as making a video podcast of some sort concerning prices and game availablity around the planet and even crazy ideas like invading some huge gaming events like Gamescom in Germany in search for answers about prices and games in…


New CDKey comparing website is now live!

There’s a brand new website for comparing CDKey prices on the net. It’s called CDKeyWatch.com, if you’re looking for better prices and CDKeyPrices.com isn’t enough for you go ahead and use this site as well. Cheers! The more alternatives we have the better.  


EU Commission explains pricing, availability and more

I’ve just received another e-mail with further details about Valve, Steam and pricing in European Union in general. Go ahead and read it. As I mentioned in my previous e-mail, EU competition law generally does not restrict the freedom of companies to unilaterally decide whether and what to sell in which country. There is no EU competition law rule that obliges private companies such as Valve Software to market the…


Poll Time: What’s your most anticipated game of 2013?

Here’s another poll for you guys, this time we’re asking about the most anticipated (or best) game of 2013, you’ve seen the trailers, sneak previews and all that crap so just go ahead and vote. We will try to get some of those games for this year’s lotteries/giveaways and I’m happy to announce that we have planned lotteries for: spring, summer, halloween and of course winter holidays! We’re actively looking…


Have a great Holiday Season! Winter Giveaway soon!

Our website just turned 4 years old today, we're constantly trying to point out all the flaws of the digital world and we're actively fighting for price differences around the globe, we actually have few things planned for next year so stay tuned because we're gonna get even louder this time! So go ahead and spend some good times with your family... or go buy/play some games with your friends.…


We need some changes around here!

Hey, we've decided to reactivate this group and its website a little. You can expect a few subtle changes in the following weeks, from now on we'll try to focus on the things we cared about the most in the beginning - which is software pricing around the globe, DRM and availability of software in Europe (and other regions too!). We'd also like to address another letter to European Commission…


Damn, check this out!

You guys are unbelievable, I guess you DID need those coupons: So far we’ve added around 100 people.  We’re taking turns with Zuko, possibly someone else later on. We still have plenty coupons left (569! Wahhhh!?) - just add us and tell us what you want, but browse first. Remember that if you have any spare coupons feel free to donate these to us, maybe others will want it. I’m…


Short message to forum users

Hi guys! I just have a short announcement to all of you posting on our forums. Please do not call any CD-Key store/seller/company a scammer, fraud or thief without providing any actual evidence. Feel free to post screenshots of your chats with them, PayPal transfers, messages, e-mails etc. That would be all. From now on if you post something please think twice before calling someone names.

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SteamUnpowered changes 16.09.2010

To prevent more hatred from CD-Key store owners and random users messaging me I’ve just updated Steam Alternatives section once more. This time I’ve removed all detailed description from the CD-Key stores section, additionally the big red warning about ID scans is now positioned at the top of the section. All CD-Key stores are arranged in alphabetical order now. You can review the Steam Alternatives page by clicking here.  …


Site Updates: New hosting

Hey, we just switched to HostNine.com, if you’re experiencing any problems with the site please let us know. Some comments/forum posts might be missing (while we were transferring the site few people posted something I guess). The server is located in United Kingdom and we will stick to it if it turns out to be ok and fast enough for both Europeans and Americans (other people too). If it turns…

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