BF3 3 server files leaked, DICE says if you join modified server your entire Origin account will be banned

Battlefield 3 server files leaked, modded servers appeared in the game, meanwhile DICE responds by stating that joining one may result in your entire Origin account being banned, losing access to all games on it.

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  1. 0cube

    Your immature behavoir leads me to believe that you sir, are a troll. In your second response to me you propose that people should not use the quick match button, thus leaving only the serverbrowser. Now you come and say that the serverbrowser cant help either. you are not helping solve problems or trying to lead a discussion, you are just here to troll me.
    I will no longer answer to you, cognitivly suboptimized kid.

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  2. popovich

    @ 0cube
    1) Yes, there is. If you’re here to argue about a word in the title that doesn’t suit you, you can go away. You’re just an annoying troll.
    2) No, you simply don’t know shit about how EA collects its data and how it monitors what you do. And just because you think you do, you’re full of shit. Also, you can’t know which server gives you right amount of XP and which doesn’t until it’s too late. Therefore, if you’re so sure about it, buy BF3 and knock yourself out.
    3) I wasn’t insulting you. I stated the FACTS. In fact, I quoted the OFFICIAL statement. Nothing I wrote was made up by me. How would you distinguish the right 32 rush metro server from the wrong one – how the hell should I know? You’re the smart one here. Why don’t you tell me? I just copy-pasted the official statement. If you’re butthurt about facts, then why the hell are you even on internet? Truth hurts.
    4) As much as you try to convince BF3 owners that playing in unofficial servers that give you “right amount of XP” is safe, I’m sure they won’t take their chances, because there are more ways than this for EA to find out where you’ve been playing. And they MAY ban you if they choose to. But you go ahead and have fun, eh?

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  3. Suffering

    Keep ’em coming EA.
    Keep prodding the hornet’s nest. See how that works out for ya :’)

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  4. 0cube

    @ popovich
    1) there is nothing nitpicky about it, the title IS misleading altough it shouldnt. Only the cheaest/free newspapers around that are only taken seriously by morons use misleading titles.
    2) you simply do not understand how this system works, if you make a kill that gives the correct amount of xp, there wont be any biased information sent to ea, thus counting like a perfectly legal kill. you as a smartass should know that the stats arent saved on the server you are playing on, but are sent from the server you are playing on to the masterserver. That applies for official servers aswell as for unofficial ones.
    3) first of all, no reason to insult me. im not stupid and in fact, the quick match button is there to be used, even if everybody was aware of this, how can i identify a server in the serverbrowser unless its named HAXORSERVER? if it uses 32 player rush on operation metro you cant know if its official or not… until you make a kill and get more/less experience points then usual. But of course, you dont understand any of that, eh?

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  5. popovich

    @ 0cube
    1) If you want to nitpick, then yes, it’s “misleading”. Do you get your panties in a twist when you see a few clouds in the sky and the weather forecast said it was going to be sunny?
    2) It’s not wrong, Bazajaytee clearly stated “…stats to be altered or other issues to arise which may lead to having your account banned by EA”. Unless you have problems reading what is written, you shouldn’t be confused.
    3) Again, your lack of reading skills is really not my problem. The configuration of official servers is clearly stated as well. As for “quick match” button, don’t use it. Simple, eh?

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  6. 0cube

    1) popovich: “Why is it misleading?”
    The title is misleading because it states you WILL be banned; not you MIGHT be banned.
    2) popovich: “If you make 1 kill in unofficial servers, that’s 1 kill EA didn’t put it’s stamp of approval on.”
    this is simply wrong, if the server files were only used to host a normal server then the kill would have given the right amount of XP, thus letting you off the hook without a ban.
    3) popovich: “Therefore, I would not suggest any owner of BF3 to join unofficial servers.”
    tell me how i can distinguish an unofficial from an official server. If i hit the QUICK MATCH button aka quick join a random available server then i can be easily thrown into an unofficial server.

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  7. popovich

    P.S. Therefore, I would not suggest any owner of BF3 to join unofficial servers, because you will probably get banned. EA covered its ass with this warning. I wouldn’t test their resolve.
    As much as I hate EA because of this, it’s only fair that you be warned. If you gave up your privacy, you might as well get something in return other than a banned EA account.

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  8. popovich

    0cube: “The title is misleading, they said a server might alter your stats/gamefiles -> thus you MAYBE get banned
    Dice didnt say you will get banned for playing on them.”

    Why is it misleading? If you make 1 kill in unofficial servers, that’s 1 kill EA didn’t put it’s stamp of approval on.
    No one joins servers just to spectate. And any stats change (no. of kills is stats…unless I’m mistaken) outside EA monitored servers (and you can be sure they monitor everything on your PC too, their dumb EULA says so) will result in a ban. Fun, isn’t it?

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  9. Jack

    Well, if thats really their problem….
    They should change the way the servers works… making sure no sensitive information are being sent.
    Having a separated Server for stats and rank whatever with data encryption.
    Making sure the stats server works only with official servers.

    EA, you made a mistake, fix it !!
    Its not your customers problem, that your server files leaked.

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  10. 0cube

    The title is misleading, they said a server might alter your stats/gamefiles -> thus you MAYBE get banned
    Dice didnt say you will get banned for playing on them.
    Of course that would still be not nice but i would understand it due to the nature of their ranking system:
    BF3 has no public available server tools, which means every server is a private setup of certain resellers/EA. All those servers are trimmed to very specific options that cant be changed (e.g. the amount of XP you get per kill).
    If you get more XP than you should, punkbuster or EA might see it as if you had cheated – thus banning you from their service.
    Note: this is just an example, maybe their serverfiles even allow stealing of origin passwords or some crap we not yet know about.

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  11. Xan

    This is just mindnumbingly stupid.

    Why the fuck would you ban people for playing on unofficial servers during BETA? They can still TEST the game, heck they won’t even use YOUR bandwidth EA…

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  12. Elbart

    “Please try to remain on official servers.”

    So you can’t actually distinguish an official server from a modified one?

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  13. popovich

    Why does this not surprise me….
    Hell, even Valve didn’t go so far as to ban each account that accessed cracked servers for CS, HL, L4D, etc.
    You know, the more I’m familiar with EA, the more I realize Steam is actually pretty good.
    Yeah sure, it has its flaws. It’s cramped with features some of which are pointless, it’s overpriced to hell, but considering the alternatives (Desura is good, but it has a fair share of bugs) it’s the most reasonable choice.
    However, digital content providers that don’t have clients (download managers not included) such as GamersGate, GoG, GMG, etc are still your best shot. D2D is more restricted than JLo’s panties.
    Personally, I have Steam and Desura and I like them. Desura has a huge selection of mods, and off-the-radar indie games.

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  14. Jack

    Is this even legal?

    Anyway, I think I will stay on Steam.

    Just don’t like how EA/Origin works.
    Don’t want to risk buying anything from/through them.

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