Apology for recommending CDKeysDark, watch out for scammers! Don’t give them more money.

I hate posting things like this, especially when I used to recommend this website after they’ve contacted me and showed their game catalog and prices. I guess we can’t trust strangers on the Internet and now I know that the hard way.

This guy/store owes me either €30 or Far Cry 4 copy (depends how you look at it). I know I’ve posted some deals from them in the past, especially about GTA V for the PC. I have no idea if they will deliver the keys or not but I’m really sorry it turned out to be that way.

Please tell everyone you know that CDKeysDark is a scamming website. I’ve got tons of e-mails and private messages on Steam about them in the last few days and it seems that the owner went full retard and stole a bunch of cash. If you still can cancel your payments, either in PayPal (which they have blocked now) or debit/credit card. Check out this site to see yourself.

Again, sorry for that shitty store. If you want more details about this store I can give you that info (they are situated in India), just send me an e-mail (in case you want to sue them or whatever). I’m removing every post (except for this one) mentioning any links to their website.

Stay tuned for the annual Winter Giveaway though! More new sponsors :)

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I run this place! :D

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  1. Bastard

    Hopefully slash84 knows some good assassins

    Make sure the tree branch is strong enough

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  2. slash84

    Let me know if i can be of some help, I am from India and would use all my resources to catch these people.

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  3. Bastard


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  4. hunshiki

    Just use Paypal and your bank account support. Both can charge back.

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