Age of Empires Online – sign up now!

Our earlier post about new project  Spartan turned out to be Age of Empires Online! A free RTS by Microsoft, it’s focused on multiplayer gameplay, cooperative gameplay and some single player content. You can sign up for beta access right now by clicking logo below:

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I run this place! :D

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  1. john maher

    Nice Game

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  2. razer

    fuck you all age of empires was great but now the online isnt working. And for those guys who own this site****….

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  3. Sulay Shah

    bull shit it ist even working

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  4. Faark

    Jeeear, another “free to play” and much to pay to be good later

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  5. m!nus

    Cool, I love AoE2, let’s see how good this will be.

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