40,000 activation keys for 80% off Tiny and Big on Steam!

Here’s a unique deal for an indie game on Steam – Tiny and Big: Grandpa’s Leftovers. You can even download the demo first if you’re still hesitating. Check out this page to get a discount key! You need an Android device or iOS device to get the discount.

However if you don’t have any of the devices you can follow those steps to get the discount anyway:

  1. Go to: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=36646406&postcount=950
  2. Download the package
  3. Unzip
  4. Use the .msi installer (if you didn’t have bluestacks earlier)
  5. BAM! Android with Play Store on your PC :)
  6. Start the google play store
  7. Use search (top-right corner)
  8. Enter “Gutschein des Tages”
  9. Install app
  10. Launch app (it will probably start rotated)
  11. Aktivirien
  12. Click on the banner
  13. Click on the orange button
  14. Write down the code
  15. Activate on Steam
  16. Buy the game for 20% :)

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  1. Lim-Dul

    cant be used on soundtrack edition

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