First of all don’t get deceived by PEGI rating for this game (3+). I think you can get addicted to it really fast.

Yosumin! Is a really good looking puzzle game with great sound effects and music. Your goal is to find rectangles which have the same icons at each corner (as decribed on the screenshot below).

You control the game with your mouse and there’s not much to add here.

The interface is really good looking, take a look at the screenshots:

The game doesn’t have any multiplayer modes. But Endless Yosumin! seems to be good enough, it’s the same puzzle like in the Adventure mode but this time you have only one, endless puzzle and you gotta beat your best times (something like survival mode?).

Unfortunately the game doesn’t have any Steam achievements.

Summing up this game is just a simple casual game, and if you love games like Chuzzle from PopCap you will love Yosumin! as well. And if you have any kids I think it’s safe for them to play this title all day long. Although I don’t think it’s really worth 9€ (or $).

And here’s a really short gameplay video:

Overall Rating:


First Impression:
Funny graphics and sounds.

Everything is colorful, resoultion is your screens default resolution, windowed mode available.

Sound and Music:
Funny sounds and music, the music speeds up when you’re about to lose ;)

If you’re just bored at work or something just launch this and enjoy it for few minutes.

Additional information:

Game Size: 87MB
Language Versions: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Japanese

EU: 8.99€
US: $9.99 or 7.04€, 78.3% of Tier 1/EU price
UK: £7.49 or 8.72€, 96.9% of Tier 1/EU price

Demo version (Steam required)

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