Weekend Deals (12.04.13 – updated!)

Soooo… dunno about you guys but spring is basically here in my area…and it’s raining. Oh well at least you can play some dumb games until it gets ok outside.

Weekend Deals

Added lots and lots of deals from Green Man Gaming plus the new voucher code 20% off.

Update #1:

Lots of deals from Green Man Gaming, most are Steam redeemable. Use the new code for extra 20% off: GMG20-GGN5D-FC3NA!

Natural Selection 2

Red Orchestra 2

Battlefield 3 (only in GBP)

Dead Island Riptide (pre-order and get Survivor Pack DLC, a free copy of Risen, GMG credit)

Meridian 4 deals:

Meridian 4

Racing promotion is up:

Racing promotion

Nordic Games deals are up as well:

Nordic Deals

GameFly’s deals are partially over but some are still running, here they are:


Publisher Title SRP £ % Disc Sale Price From To
Devolver Hotline Miami £6.99 50% £3.49 12-Apr 15-Apr
Runic Torchlight 2 £14.99 50% £7.49 12-Apr 15-Apr
Trendy Dungeon Defenders £9.99 75% £2.49 12-Apr 15-Apr
Minmax Games Space Pirates and Zombies £6.99 75% £1.75 12-Apr 15-Apr
Empty Clip Symphony £6.99 66% £2.38 12-Apr 15-Apr
Positech Gratuitous Space Battles £9.99 60% £3.99 12-Apr 15-Apr
Dark Vale Forge £14.99 75% £3.75 12-Apr 15-Apr
Kalypso Sine Mora £7.99 75% £1.99 12-Apr 15-Apr
Reverb Pub. Ravaged £7.99 75% £1.99 12-Apr 15-Apr


GamersGate has some cool deals too check them out:

Ghostbusters the Videogame for 2,49€ – no idea what DRM is it.

Ghostbusters the Videogame

Battlefield 3 for £9.88 (Origin redeemable) for Brits only I guess.


Battlefield 3


Rollercoaster Tycoon Deluxe for 1,50€ (DRM FREE) – classic tycoon game, to be honest I couldn’t stand the graphics.




Starvoid for €4.98 (Steam redeemable) – no idea what’s that but it’s on sale and maybe you’d want it.




Green Man Gaming is having sales for lots of games as well check them all out here.


GMG Deals


Amazon has a deal for The Walking Dead for only $10, Steam redeemable.

Walking Dead

Good Old Games has a Immortal Interplay Classics sale.

To be updated!

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I run this place! :D

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  1. laserad

    so Riptide is 20€ for me.. half of what it cost at steam store.. lawl… theres only a hope now, it wont rip me off by sucking too hard..

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  2. mugoy

    yes but the walking dead is tricky. mac version 10$, pc version 25$ :(

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    1. stranded

      Oh! my bad

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