Valve shuts down mailing list soon

So right now it looks as if Valve is trying to close the one of the communication channels, which they just cannot control.

Currently the mailing list is accessible to everyone subscribed to it and sending a mail to one address easily starts any discussions about specific topic. Well, the fundamental rules of the mailing lists are: free speech and obedience of the netiquette. I don’t remember if there was any trolling or flaming on discussion lists – frankly speaking the people subscribed to the list represent higher intellectual level than most of the forum users. Not to mention that some people just don’t even know what the mailing list is, I guess that was just keeping specific users from getting into the mailing lists ;)

But as we’ve already seen on Steam forums, Valve is really eager to censor everything. We will see if people from mailing lists are going to be so active on the forums and see the responses of the forum trolls. I hope the new forum sections will not suffer from too zealous moderators.


We will be shutting down the HLDS mailing lists on Friday, February 20th.

After February 20th, all server discussions should take place in one of the
forums listed below.

Windows server discussion should be conducted here: (Source) (Gldsrc)

Linux server discussion should be conducted here: (Source) (Gldsrc)

If you have not already done so, please register a forum

NOTE: The mailing list archives will still be available for viewing.

-Burton Johnsey
Valve Software

Source: link

And if you’re on their mailing list you can check it yourself.

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I run this place! :D

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  1. A vulpine Fox


    Given the feedback received from the list, we are holding off migrating the
    mailing lists to the forums.

    The intent of migrating to the forums was to leverage the benefits and
    features of the forums to further strengthen the community, giving us a
    central spot to gather feedback. The forum software is continually being
    updated by vBulletin and is flexible enough to also allow us to add our own

    To address a couple of specific concerns about the forums:

    – Membership – We can keep the membership in the DS forums private so that
    random forum users cannot post.
    – Moderation – We can assign moderators for specific forums. Moderators
    would be volunteers from the current mailing list participants.
    – Forum server performance – We have upgraded the system that runs the
    forums and we do not experience the lag we were experiencing in the past
    – The forums are accessible to more people than the mailing list.

    We want to make things better, not worse. We appreciate any further
    feedback you have to offer.

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  2. Rad-86

    – how to be a smartass.. xD

    Valve is evidently satisfied with their euro incomes.. thus it will only get them into even bigger economic mess then they are already in. Screwing trade with other countries isn’t an option. Even Obama admitted it.

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  3. Unold

    What is the mailing list?

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