GamesPlanet: Paradox Sale – Day 1

There's a nice Paradox sale on GamesPlanet, Day 1 is up and running. Keys are region free and Steam redeemable. Check those out! Day 1 Deals UK (£) FR (€) GER (€) Hearts of Iron III Collection £7.49 10.49€ 10.49€ Hearts of Iron III £1.99 2.49€ 2.49€ Hearts of Iron III: For the Motherland £1.99 2.49€ 2.49€ Hearts of Iron III: Semper Fi £1.99 2.49€ 2.49€ Hearts of Iron III:…


Giveaway: Special giveaway is up, games and vouchers!

It's here! Special giveaway thanks to Games Republic is up. We have 5 x This War of Mine and 30 x voucher that give you 50% off any item in their store. How to win? Leave a comment on website. First 5 comments win the game and a 50% off voucher, the rest of you get the remaining 50% off vouchers. Remember to leave a link to your Steam community…


Christmas Giveaway ended – Thank You!!!

The giveaway is now over - we had 556 entries! Winners will be announced after New Years Eve! :) However the Drawing Competition sucked. Most of the people who participated sent us stupid images from Google therefor we won’t be picking any winners, sorry! You guys suck sometimes… Have a nice end of 2013! We’re thankful that you guys stayed with us for so long and participated in all of our…


Reminder and some info!

Just a quick reminder that our Christmas Lottery 2013 and Drawing Contest 2013 are ending in 2 days. Join them now to have a chance to win free Steam games!!! :) Also there are some stupid comments on our Steam group that our giveaways and keys are fake or used. Some people need to get a life. Seriously what the fuck? Someone suggested I start a Steam Gifts giveaway to…


December 16th and 17th: 2 free games!

Sorry we were running out of games to giveaway, got a fresh supply today! :D Here are another free Steam keys for December 16th and December 17th:   MY3NJ-2TBPY-FL7IY AH7Z6-N6NZ3-XGMVA No hiding clues this time, whoever gets it first wins!!! :DDD

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December 14th and 15th: 3 games!

Oops….. sorry guys I wasn’t here yesterday… here are 3 free keys (2 Steam, 1 Origin): ?????-M3CKD-5DVI9 (Steam) - find the missing key here FVBL2-9WL54-????? (Steam) - hidden in one of the guides on BZ4C-S6E8-TTX7-E6FD-????? (Origin) - hidden in Price Guide on our site


The history of Steam Unpowered (1€ ≠ $1)

It all started in 2008. Valve introduced regional currencies in the Steam store, at first as a beta to join for volunteers only. Back then everyone thought that $1=1€ was just a simple mistake in the new script on the beta site, there were naturally a lot of posts concerning prices especially in the Euro zone. Hell, countries that didn’t even use Euro in the first place were forced to use Euro in the beta as well – it has stayed like this until now and it’s almost 2014. Some guys posted about 1:1 exchange ratio, I’m not sure if any mods or Valve employees posted replied back then but I suppose they haven’t.

After just few days Valve pushed the currency system in the Steam store on December 18th 2008. That was probably very surprising to a lot of gamers around the globe. As far as I remember there was rage and anger on the Steam forums. I’ve created the original post concerning the currency exchange rates. You can still discuss it here:

Looks like $1 = €1 after all

(created on December 17th 2008, 03:08 PM)

Long story short people discussed the prices in that topic. If anyone created any separate topic or even mentioned price differences in game sub-forums they were either removed, edited, locked or the users got banned (if they were aggressively reposting).

My posts were edited, removed, I’ve got temporary bans on forums for posting links or saying things they didn’t like. That’s understandable considering they are only running a business.

That’s why I’ve had enough of it.