Tuesday looks pretty good!

Reminder: 20% off voucher for GMG is GMG20-P4DLK-FKYRS! Rochard is currently on sale on GMG, goes foor $5 but remember to use the voucher to get it even cheaper! Activates on Steam without any problems. Fallen Enchantress is also on deal on GamersGate (£8.50 or 10€) or in the same price on GameFly. The game is redeemable on Steam. I have no idea what kind of game is it though.…

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Weekend Deals 22.02.13 (Updated!)

Hi, we’ll start a little bit earlier today. I will be adding more deals as they show up through out the next few days. So far we have a few good ones. Cheers! Updates: GameFly has some deals as well including Brutal Legend, Lego games, NFS games and more. Click here to see them now.     Another one from GMG is Assassin’s Creed at 75% off and more! Green…


Everyone on Amazon hates Civilization 5 because of Steam

Just see this page on Amazon. That’s actually pretty horrifying. For people like me and most of you here (should I say Steam veterans?) the flaws of Steam app and the whole system are very well known and we pretty much ignore them at this point. But stuff that ‘regular’ people have to go through when activating, decrypting games, verify cache (if the game fucks up), Steam "offline" mode, get…


Amazon refunds for digital downloads

Here’s an interesting read from Kotaku:

In the world of Amazon’s Kindle, you can download books digitally — and return them. Could this be a workable idea for gaming?

Kotaku writer discovered last week that books, bought digitally and downloaded to the device, can be returned.

This is something I didn’t think was possible with digital content. I’ve downloaded games to my DS, iPhone PS3, PSP, Xbox 360, Wii and not once did I see an option to return a mistaken or bad purchase for any reason. Of course, in physical stores, products can be returned, sometimes only if in shrink wrap, usually within a set number of days. Regardless they can be returned, offering the consumer some security in their purchase.