Steam: Wings of Prey priced fairly for Europe

Today, Wings of Prey was released on Steam and it is priced fairly for Europe, it is 10% cheaper until 15 January.

US: $49.99 $44.99
UK: £30.99 £27.89 (1% lower)
EU: 34,99€ 31,49€ (0% higher)

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  1. slay

    I think that they are now softening up, more games with fair price.

    Excellent, one small step in our mission is complete ;)

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  2. fix-cz

    Thre are reports on forums of Starforce with 3 times activation limit – no mention about this on Steam game page.

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  3. m!nus

    VAT is included in the US price afaik. There was a time when it was not and thus the games were mostly priced fair, but now US prices already include VAT (i think WA has some extra taxes which steam says on checkout)

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  4. Crembo

    Here in Lithuania we don’t use Euros (yet) so it’s bad really, the prices are huge since we don’t earn nearly as much as other Europeans..

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  5. fix-cz

    Amadeus: every European country has different VAT, also not all of them use € (so there is conversion ratio to many different currencies). If pricing should be fair, there would have to be one basic price and then calculated price for every single country.

    It’s really shame that biggest digital distribution can’t do such a single thing like calculating and displaying prices in local currency with local VAT included. Impulse got this, why doesn’t Steam?

    They forced € to whole EU (except UK) saying that it will be more lucid to customers because prices will include VAT. Well it’s not easier for me, because I still have to calculate the price for me and in most cases I pay more – without reason. Looks like it’s easier for Valve, not customers.

    And thumbs up for Gaijin Entertainment for fair pricing!

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  6. Rad86N

    @Amadeus: tax in the US Steam prices apply only for the Washington state.. most of the americans in this case pay exactly $45 with no additional fees.

    @wiak: exchange rate must have been updated since rhonin posted this.. btw 1% of this price is $0.4499

    31,49 € = 45,392835 US$(Google)

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  7. wiak

    US: $49.99 $44.99
    UK: £30.99 £27.89 (1% lower)
    EU: 34,99€ 31,49€ (1% higher)

    for me and am in norway

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  8. Amadeus

    Wait, fair? Shouldn’t the european price be 20% higher for this to be fair?

    The whole thing with VAT not being included in US prices?

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  9. Rad86N

    WOW.. I don’t think I’ve ever seen this kind of price fairness on Steam! Now I only wish I actually had some interest in flying sims and those 31,5€ lol

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