Steam Game Keys – giveaway!

Here’s something fun, in exchange for a couple of games for you guys (that’s right!) we’re promoting the brand new key store, please read this:

We’re giving away 5 free Steam games a day for 30 days to celebrate the launch of

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I run this place! :D

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  1. Benalish Jenkins

    how do we enter? i really want some keys :D

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  2. kostas


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  3. Tark$

    Can i got one? :3

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    can i get a key?

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  5. Pixeloncrack

    can i get something?

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  6. Debjit Majumdar

    wtf is this? hw shall i get keys? i want BF3 key

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    1. Derp

      BF3 is from EA so Origin not Steam you dumb

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  7. scott

    Quote: As well as the robust in-built systems we have in our order system, we need to be 100% sure your PayPal account hasn’t been hacked and may sometimes delay sending your game for up to 48 hours (most fraudulent transactions are reported within 2 days).

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  8. misshu

    how do we get the games anyway ?

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    1. misshu

      nevermine this is not realy a giveaway if you just post the keys and hope somebody wil take

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  9. Franklin Soto


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  10. Me

    LOL mostly bundle games on there

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  11. Machiavelli

    i am there but i cant understand what to do ? I must buy game to can win some key ?

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  12. trancemansion

    giveaway in exchange of what we need to register or what ? lol

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  13. gaben

    countdown till shutdown

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