Here are the best Steam alternatives on the Internet. Please report any problems on our forums. Updated on July 30th 2019.

Promoted Steam Alternatives:

Name Description Currency Store Logo


Polish store available worldwide with great prices.
Get 3% off! Voucher: UNPWR


Marketplace for game cdkeys. Offers over 13 000 games and great and customer service in 15 languages 24/7. Get 3% off! Voucher: UNPWR


Direct marketing store that sells steam keys, origin keys, Xbox Live, uplay keys, PSN Codes and time-cards for online games. Get 3% off! Voucher: UNPWR3. Get extra 8% off any software: UNPWR8


French store. Has 10 different domains for 10 different regions. Prices differ depending on region but some countries are allowed to pick their currency. By hardcore gamers for hardcore gamers since 2004! Our staff is made up of e-sports veteran This is one of the biggest European stores and it’s legit for sure. Customer care 7 days a week!
CD Keys


A very popular CD Key store available worldwide!
Humble Store


From the creators of The Humble Bundle, pretty cool offers, cheap games and some of their profits are going for charity. Nice!


This Asian store has a lot ot offer, especially when it comes to Microsoft software. Get 10% off! Use the special voucher: STE


Contains DRM games (Steam, Origin mostly), Metaboli’s download service. Don’t know where to find to find cheap Steam games? You’re in the right place!


American store with regionally restricted stores (for US, UK and EU). No SSL and regional locked games sometimes. Good prices and lots of offers every week.


The store allows to trade in owned games, great voucher codes that stack with owned games, currency depends on your choice. Probably the best alternative to Steam.


One of the first alternatives to anything, it started out with very low prices, pretty good website and not bad customer support. Then they started asking for IDs (because of scams) and even sold some stolen games… Anyway pretty much everyone knows G2Play now – buy at your own risk but it seems to be ok for few years now. Get 3% off! Use the special voucher: UNPWR

Other stores:

Alternatives Description Currency Store Logo
Gaming Dragons


Gaming Dragons is what’s left after, the owner is from United Kingdom and is a pretty cool guy, store is legit 100%!


NOKEYS is a professional and reliable platform where customers can purchase game codes and game keys. We offer a wide variety of products in the area of software, games, online gaming, game cards and Xbox and more. Offer high quality games with low price and great service for every customer are our features.


One of the best bundle store out there, indie bundles and games inside. Formerly: Bundle Stars
Gamers Outlet


This store, from USA, which was funded on November 2013, is a long last wish of its owners: Creating a place where people are able to buy games at affordable prices.

We offer a secure, fast, cheap and reliable platform for all to a wide variety of your gaming needs.

Visit was founded by four passionate gamers currently living in Huntsville, Alabama USA.


Here’s a nice store, it’s available worldwide in 3 currencies (you can chose GBP, USD or EUR), it’s in English. is an authorized and legit digital distribution platform serving fantastic PC and Mac games at the lowest prices possible.
Get 5% off! Use the special voucher: New code coming soon!
Opium Pulses


Opium Pulses is a decade-old gaming community with its own competitively priced store. Their site is a hub for everything gamers desire but their store sells region-free games for any platform at some of the cheapest prices around supporting euros, pounds and dollars!
Gamers 247


New addition to our list, it’s a UK store, running for over 10 years.
Get 15% off! Voucher: UNPWR


Direct2Drive is back.


One of the biggest both retail and digital sellers out there. It is regionally restricted sometimes but you just need to enter any USA address to buy US-specific products.


EA’s distribution system, DRM and regional locked games, regional shops that differ greatly from each other in many cases, poor Live Chat support.


This is basically a Blizzard store (featuring Diablo, StarCraft and Warcraft series).
Good Old Games


This Polish store is pretty popular as it has no DRM at all = you can install everything you buy there no matter how many times and no matter where. You need to setup an account and all of your purchases are displayed on a cool looking shelf with covers and setup files. Very nice alternative to Steam especially that it has older games mostly that wouldn’t run on modern hardware/OS without GOG’s help.


Brazillian store with games, it is not in English but you can buy just fine from any place on planet.
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  1. breakingwaves

    I think you should check this site out REALLY cheap games and fast delivery. What more could you want from cd-key shop?:) I think you should consider adding them to the list.

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    1. t

      “One of our representatives will be with you shortly. You are number 39 in the queue. Your wait time will be approximately 55 minute(s). Thank you for your patience.” And on the top of that they require TeamViewer session in order to buy, what else? Shall I send them my id and credit card scans accompanied by PayPall login and password?

      No votes yet.
      1. t is dumb

        Lol t how about you read before buying? If you buy a code from them directly you get the code immediately, but if you buy from a marketplace seller you can choose to buy an additional service where you can register the code/gift from the seller while their support looks if the code is legit. You can at any time choose to not do this but they won’t refund you in the case the key you got from a marketplace seller doesn’t work because, yeah, it’s kinda logical they don’t know who is lying in that case. If you don’t want that hassle simply don’t buy items from the marketplace and only from them.

        No votes yet.
        1. t

          You can say all you want, but giving access to your PC via TeamViewer to 3rd party you can’t verify in any way is simply extremely stupid think to do. Also any respectable seller takes responsibility for selling failure, what they are trying to do is: either you give us access to your pc or you do not have warranty. Way to go. As for your advice about reading, I am buying simple product for 5GBP, forgive me but apparently my time has more value to me then yours to you, If I was to read all T&C every time I spend a few quid I would spent 24/7 in front of the monitor reading and I believe there is plenty more interesting things to do, although I admit if I have read it I would avoid the problem. Purpose of my post was relatively simple: to point out that G2A is trying to shift responsibility for customer in case 3rd party will not deliver, and this should be they risk for that simple reason that they profit margin should include this kind of calculations. Regarding your advice about buying form them, it is completely not necessary, there are hundreds of websites with the same prices that do not treat me as a potential fraud, even further: they will simply give you a refund if you say that key do not work and they will do it without fuss.

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  2. stokp1

    Update to they changed the site almost 1 year ago.

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  3. lashatatu

    i can buy from russian steam store and ukraine steam store those 2 store got cheapest prices on steam tho some games have region lock if u interested add me on steam :) my steam profile

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  4. wadsok

    No desura? Add them to list. Even humble bundle gives keys for their store.

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    Look like not one is checking this forum only 21 guess and 1 member online

    admin please contact us on thank you in advance

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    Hello there,

    Please add in your store list we are verified and legit as you can see on this email
    you can also check our facebook page

    From: US.Legal
    Date: Tue, May 10, 2011 at 5:10 PM
    Subject: eBay listing
    To: “Direct2Play Manager”

    Dear Sir:

    Thank you for your email. We confirm that your listing is legitimate and have contacted eBay. We apologize for any inconvenience this might have caused.


    Atari, Inc.
    417 Fifth Avenue
    New York, New York 10016

    Best Regards
    Direct2Play Manager
    Mike Cioka

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  7. gameholic22

    hi guys, is the best for me ! I have bought 6 games till now works perfectly & the customer support is simply superb (they always answer the emails). the best thing is tht they sell scans & provide actual photo of the key !
    prices are cheapest on the net .I even tested to see how efficient they are,i posted 3 comments on there facebook wall before making my first purchase from them,i was stunned they answer each & every dam time !!!!!!

    keys4gamers is highly recommended ,simple, efficient & easy to use.As i write this I have just placed my order for nfs run limited edition version of the game :)

    Happy gaming guys .
    J Randall.

    PS : I have used cjs before but got sick of there false “release date promises & pathetic customer support”.
    I am glad i got an alternative to cjs.

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  8. Rawex

    is this true? Steam Support might disable your Steam account, EA may disable your EA account etc

    I got hundreds of legal games in my libraries and would get very sad to have my account banned =)
    I’ve seen some perfect offers on games i would like to have, but was too expensive for me at the time.

    How sure are you on the fact that they will disable the accounts? if this might be a Risk, im afraid im gonna stick to the Legal Stores and digital distribution systems.

    If they only remove the game from the library and tell you that the CD-Key you were using were a NoNo, then im abit less concerned.

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  9. slay

    Strange, I have bought from GamesPlanet several games and everything was almost instant.
    At least in UK store.

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